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  1. dejahnw

    L/C PSNY 1's

    Can I get a price and legit check on these psny 1's thanks. Meeting today
  2. dejahnw

    L/C and P/c Cool grey 11's

    Can somebody please legit check and price check these cool grey 11's? Creasing yellowing minor scuff on midsole
  3. dejahnw

    Price check on fire red (size 11.5) and DTRT 3's (11)

    Hey Guys I need some serious help.   I have two pairs of VND 3's both worn no more then 3 times yet they have some minor flaws. Can you think of a price range for each? *Fire red 3's, size 11.5 Og box and card included -Flawless no creases or cracks ... Only back tab is beginning to yellow...
  4. dejahnw

    Legit and price check on size 11 Anniversary XIs DS!

    I'm sure they are legit... but how much do you think they are worth(og box included)? Sorry for about my bad camera ... they are actually not that yellow at all. Thanks
  5. dejahnw

    PRICE/LEGIT CHECK ON air jordan 2 premio bin 23

    Hey guys. today I managed to find some vnd jordan 2 premio. I know these are rare so I wanted to make sure my is real. It came with the shoe horns(and og box) but owner said he lost the bags. They are a size 10 and it reads "since(jumpman) 1985    ....also number=  0538/1097     (sorry for the...
  6. dejahnw

    Where can i find Ralph Lauren cuff hats online?

    Hey NT, I was wondering where can i find Ralph Lauren Cuff hats. Also links to Nice Ralph Lauren polo's would be appreciated thanks!
  7. dejahnw

    price check on dead stock space jams 2009

    I am not sure about the price of deadstock space jams 09 size 10.5 is popular....
  8. dejahnw

    to wear or not to jams 2009, that is the question!

    if i wear my space jams how much would that affect its vaule...being that they are deadstock? I wanted to hold them for a year or 2 but like i dont want them yellowing(even if i take care of them)
  9. dejahnw

    suzuki jordan jacket?

    ok so i seen this jacket and i was thinking about coping it(seller is selling it dirt cheap) and flipping it. Its a Large and the most i know about it is its name "suzuki jordan jacket". Has anyone heard of it or have any links or detail about it(pics below)? 
  10. dejahnw

    P/C & L/C suzuki jordan jacket

    suzuki jordan jacket mens large  L/C and P/C pleaseee
  11. dejahnw

    P/C & L/C on cdp x's

    how much ?Legit? -Jordan X Shadow (310805-061) -Used -Size: 11 -Includes original box
  12. dejahnw

    price check on 19/4 pack

    i found a pack of the 19/4 pack on craigslist...trying to found how much i should pay for them 4-they were worn 3 times 19-creased a little worn 5 times thanks
  13. dejahnw

    whats your take about selling beats/fusions on Nt

    Ok first thing is first i anit trying to sell anything in this post just wondering what your idea are. I was thinking bout selling some beats fire red 5's and my ONLY AND LAST pir of fusion 5's.. because I mean idk someone might buy them feel me? I mean i dont really care about them anymore...
  14. dejahnw

    unlocking an iphone that is 3.1.3

    has anyone firgure out how to unlock the iphone when its updated to 3.1.3 yet?? please let me know thanks
  15. dejahnw

    L/c & PC on Olympic 6's

    brought from online Legit or not? thanks. They DS 
  16. dejahnw

    Legit check on Olympic 6's

    brought from online Legit or not? thanks. Going to upload better pics later 
  17. dejahnw

    tattoo question..sites?

    so i need to find printable tattoo site(or a site that lets me create tattoos). Also I need a site with a high range or forearm tattoos thanks.
  18. dejahnw

    whats the deal with the copper foamposites? NT skool me

    soo I was at work today and I noticed that we still have mad copper foamposites but on NT they go for 250 each... wats the deal with these? because i deff about to cop for a shoe to trade and get what i want. SO WHATS THE DEAL WITH THESE!!!!! ((check signature )) 
  19. dejahnw

    your Fav. New Era Fitted

    So i just got into wearing fitteds but I was wondering which fitteds people be buying these days. Like I know I am a red sox fan but i seen people wearing like custon New Era Fitteds these days. So help me out post your fav fitted also sites 
  20. dejahnw

    What is the best fitted that came out for releases of Jordans?

    So last time I noticed there was a fitted actaully called "space jams"..I wonder if there were others, and  if so which one is your Fav? (I want to find a red sox hat for my fire red and grape 5' send help!)
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