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  1. zoom air panda

    Why are the Utah Jazz, the Utah Jazz?

    I know they used to be the New Orleans Jazz, back when Pete Maravich played, but when they moved to Utah, why did they keep the name? Why didnt New Orleans take the name when the Hornets moved there? Utah Jazz doesn't make any sense, because no jazz music whatsoever, isn't even relevant to that...
  2. zoom air panda

    Zoom Air Panda's Small Dunk SB Collezione(lol)

    Been in the sneaker game since '06. Just started collecting SB's since summer of 07. My Sandalwoods, Gibsons, and Purple Pigeons are no longer alive, as they have been ripped, torn, killed, by a hobby called street skateboarding. Here is what is left of my collection. Dunk Hi's Old Spice Lows...
  3. zoom air panda

    Zeitgeist The Movie. Discuss?

    Have you seen this movie? Anyone actually believe in the three topics they talk about?
  4. zoom air panda

    My day was great. How was yours?

    Let me tell ya. Damn, it felt really great to skateboard again. After months of not skating, and coming back even harder than I was before, was just great. Today was just really great day, as I consistently landed our local elementary extended 4. It was just extended stair day too as I also...
  5. zoom air panda

    Is it me, or are there more fat people these days?

    I see so much obese people now in the public, and more fast food places are getting made. so tell me NT, are you fat?
  6. zoom air panda

    Getting my braces tomorrow.. what should I expect? (UPDATE)

    Wait, so this is it? so i got my braces about 3 hours ago. There is no pain whatsoever. and btw, when you guys mention the tightening, when do they do that?
  7. zoom air panda

    Ferris Bueller Dunk High SB (NEW PIC)

    Releasing in May,
  8. zoom air panda

    NT, do you have that rush of happiness when you buy your kicks?

    especially when they are grail status, and you have been hunting them for years and finally get them? or what about that bargain that just surprised you and couldnt believe you stole em for that price? or what about plainly just buying kicks in GENERAL? whatever the case is, its def...
  9. zoom air panda

    NT, do you get stonefaces when you use your bluetooth headsets in public?

    whenever im in public i have my headset on, sometimes i get a call and im answering it, people around me who are on the other side of me where the headset is opposite of, usually give me this weird face/stoneface like i'm a crazy person talking to myself. has anyone gotten reactions like this...
  10. zoom air panda

    WHERE IS STEVE FRANCIS!!?????????????

    I was watching the nuggets and rockets game today, and i remembered the franchise was still on the team, and im wondering, he doesnt have any injuries, but WHYDOESNT THIS MAN PLAY?
  11. zoom air panda

    NEW BTTYS 2008 SERIES. SMH. theres the link if you guys are curious. man nike, why can't you just release it like a regular, new shoe? might as well buy me some heavily used BTTYS sb's. disappointment.
  12. zoom air panda

    NT, can anyone give me an E-Dollar? VOL. CHRISTMAS TIME, HELP THE NEEDY. PLEASE?

    Just one dollar to my paypal? or 50 cents? please?
  13. zoom air panda

    Bob Marley & The Wailers APPRECIATION.

    Legend The message they gave in their songs were way too great. Peace, Love, Freedom, and much more. Been listening to Bob since day one. Get Up, Stand Up were one of my favs. Redemption Song as well. I immediately fell in love with I Am Legend, surrounding their movie around Bob Marley. If you...
  14. zoom air panda

    What were your favorite Chuck E. Cheese games as a child?

    Mine was the 2 player Jurassic Park game, best thing about it was when it made these sudden movements like a ride. the other favorite was the Sidewinder, anold school chuck e cheese game, where you needed to tilt the snake shaped table for the ball to get in the hole on the other side. i...
  15. zoom air panda

    What Is Love?

    baby don't hurt me..
  16. zoom air panda

    NT, what is in you cologne rotation right now?

    for me, its fierce for the fall/winter season or escada magnetism, and hollister drift for the summer, le male for all around.
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