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  1. mondaynightraw

    Ran into Ksteezy

    Bumped into Ksteezy & his wife at a party in Jersey City last night. Very down to earth people. Okay, bye. Oh yeah.. No pics.
  2. mondaynightraw

    Can we talk about how underrated Hell on Earth is?

    Prodigy YAPPED on this entire album Production was insane, gritty, and visceral.  Not to mention, lyrically, this was Prodigy at his peak. 
  3. mondaynightraw

    Jim Jones overacheived like a MFer

      For a dude in a Weed Carrier role, He released a lot of above average, and some great material.  He Held his own Had his own sound GREAT ear for talent(Max b, Stack bundles) One of the biggest hits to come out of NYC
  4. mondaynightraw

    Remember that Styles P Aaliyah diss?

    It's real 
  5. mondaynightraw

    Anyone Remember Bloods & Crips?

    Spinoff from the Nardwuar Schoolboy Q interview  The Bloods & Crips project was organized by producer Ronnie Phillips, rappers Redrum 781 and Tweedy Bird Loc.  Actual gang members, Crips from Compton, Watts  and Long Beach, Bloods from Inglewood  and Los Angeles  auditioned for the group and...
  6. mondaynightraw

    Ebro stepping down as Program Director of Hot 97 to focus on being on air personality

    Ebro Darden will be stepping down as Program Director of Hot 97, choosing to focus his efforts on his role as co-host of the Hot 97 Morning Show. A matching job opening on the Emmis Communications job board  confirms that the position is officially open. In a statement, Darden says, “Emmis let...
  7. mondaynightraw

    I'm a former rapper who was signed to Def Jam and now works at Costco. My shelved debut features inc

    Saw this over on So far we've got Charles Hamilton Graph Mims Aztek Laws? Who Am I?
  8. mondaynightraw

    Anyone for roast rat? Restaurant in Vietnam offers rodent on a stick
  9. mondaynightraw

    Anybody else alone on thanksgiving?

  10. mondaynightraw

    Killarmy's Killa Sin facing attempted murder charges for shooting in Staten Island

    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A recent parolee is accused of firing a half dozen bullets into another man's chest in Concord over the weekend. The shooting took place down the block from the Sangita Shala night club at 556 Richmond Road about 4 a.m. Saturday, authorities said, and left a man --...
  11. mondaynightraw

    When a Woman proposes

    Does he get an engagement ring? Does he also get a wedding band? Who foots the bill for the wedding?
  12. mondaynightraw

    Jimmy Henchman Behind Rap World Shootings
  13. mondaynightraw

    McDonalds Customer Service Experience @ 2am (Raw Burger)

    Hope he sues
  14. mondaynightraw

    20GB cloud storage, file transfer unlimited. Goodbye Dropbox?

    Got this from XDA Goodbye DropBox? Hello Unlimited file size 15GB free to start Additional 2GB For sending a tweet Additional 5GB free if you use this link: (yes that's my referral link, if you use it, verify by email and install the app, we BOTH get an...
  15. mondaynightraw

    The BMW M3 Coupe Is Officially Dead

  16. mondaynightraw

    good kid maad city officially platinum

  17. mondaynightraw

    any Retch fans?

    Ab-soul was biggin' him up on twitter Got a few dope tracks :smokin
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