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  1. shaunhillftw49

    Fil Am player drafted dleague MANILA, Philippines — Homegrown talent Japeth Aguilar moved another stepped closer to his dream of making it to the NBA. The 25-year-old Aguilar, product of Western Kentucky, was drafted 13th in the seventh...
  2. shaunhillftw49

    Warrior Confessions

    Old but
  3. shaunhillftw49

    VInce McMahon "shut up" gif request

    Por Favor
  4. shaunhillftw49

    super heros vs Westboro Baptist Church

  5. shaunhillftw49

    Foreign Movie Thread

    Been watching a lot of foreign films lately and man there is alot of great   stuff Few I've seen: Italy 8 1/2 -Great beginning and the music fits well. Marcello La Strada La Dolce Vita France: Belle De Jour German: Nosferatu Mexico: La Risa De La Cuidad (Hard to find bbut I enjoyed it) Y Tu...
  6. shaunhillftw49

    Edwin Jackson throws a No Hitter

    vs rays 149 pitches
  7. shaunhillftw49

    Bing commercial Vol. Dat Mass

  8. shaunhillftw49


  9. shaunhillftw49

    so my sister is planning revenge on her ex boyfriend

    What's his job?
  10. shaunhillftw49

    Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship FTW

  11. shaunhillftw49

    NH teacher accused of sending nude photo to teen
  12. shaunhillftw49

    Frank Sinatra Biopic Starring...

    Leonardo Dicaprio It's about as official as it can be: According to Roger Friedman's Showbiz411blog (and other Internet sources) there will be, at long last, a majormotion picture on the life of Frank Sinatra: Martin Scorsese willdirect and Leonardo DiCaprio will star. Since Mr. Scorsese has...
  13. shaunhillftw49

    Post some historical events you'd like to see be made into a movie.

    Anyone have good ideas Personally: St. Patricks Battallion (1846) David Hennessy murder/New Orleans LynchingsRFK's life
  14. shaunhillftw49

    Officers Won’t Face Federal Charges in Sean Bell Killing

  15. shaunhillftw49

    Nick Jonas + The Administration

    Anyone else like? Rose Garden is incredible.
  16. shaunhillftw49

    25 Free iTunes songs
  17. shaunhillftw49

    Help me find this shirt Vol. $5

    Men's of course. I'll Paypal you $5 Thanks
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    Liberal media
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