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  1. regui8er

    King James Logo change ???

    of all the current logos, LBJ's sucks. Vince Carters, Tony Parkers, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, all have better logos. theres just wayyyy too much going on in that logo
  2. regui8er

    ** NBA Feet - '09-'10 **

    man that was an underwhelming explanation, im still gonna assume that you were inspired to use it from NBA Jam TE. im not saying mines is better or anything, its just i asked about a videogame and u gave me a definition
  3. regui8er

    ** NBA Feet - '09-'10 **

    razzle dazzle reminds me of NBA Jam TE, when the announcer would say that? is that what inspired ur name?
  4. regui8er


    i feel like the EKG/ECG traction pattern shows slight ST depression, can someone correct me on that? i feel like it enters the t wave before it gets to baseline
  5. regui8er

    ** NBA Feet - '09-'10 **

    man why didnt adidas give rose new kicks? whats up with the bulls breaking from tradition? the entire team should be wearing all black shoes
  6. regui8er

    replacements for 20.5.5

    thanks i appreciate the input
  7. regui8er

    replacements for 20.5.5

    So back when the 20.5.5's came out the first time(summer 05 i believe) i bought them as a total gamble, just based on the facts that they looked decentand we're decently priced and I badly needed a new pair of shoes, the next summer ended up buying another pair when they were re-released...
  8. regui8er

    Black Red Air Jordan XX3 Premier - Pic/Info

    I was at the show that the first pic was taken at, the pics aren't that good, the shoes are actually REALLY NICE
  9. regui8er

    Air Jordan Keychains

    great, some things i hate about NT, this thread is now 5 pages long, and if typed sneaker keychain in the search bar on ebay, u got like 20+ jordan dunk keychains, now there are 0, somebody isbuying them all and gonna resell em for like 20 bucks, i lost the bid, got a second chance, wait like 5...
  10. regui8er

    BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT and available!! Finally!

    Did the batmans already come out? Where can i buy them from?
  11. regui8er

    air jordan 15 se oak hill pe pics

    hes talking about ALL the wayyyy in the top right corner, its real hard to tell what they are but they do look like IV's
  12. regui8er

    2007-2008 NBA-NFL-MLB-NCAA Season Jordan Brand thread!

    so its settled, not titaniums
  13. regui8er

    2007-2008 NBA-NFL-MLB-NCAA Season Jordan Brand thread!

    Are you sure? Because in those two pics it looks like it has that red single stiching like the black/red xx3s have,
  14. regui8er

    2007-2008 NBA-NFL-MLB-NCAA Season Jordan Brand thread!

    ^^^as talented as that team is, them milwaukee and charlotte are terrible underachievers, they all need a new coach, but bibby is gonna add a lot of stability to that team on court Bulls need a JB player,
  15. regui8er

    2007-2008 NBA-NFL-MLB-NCAA Season Jordan Brand thread!

    LOL, his shoes do suck, altho those are prolly his best colorways and still look nasty
  16. regui8er


    WHERE DID U GET THIS????? i have to know, and is there a theme for windows xp?
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