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  1. tim teufel

    People with anxiety or panic attacks ....

    When did you first experience this? Mine just started happening out of no where when I cross bridges wtf man this isn't cool. Post your stories
  2. tim teufel

    What's going on with buyers on eBay?

    I don't think I've ever seen it this bad. Seems like everyone wins an item and never pays.
  3. tim teufel

    Dealing with a inconsiderate selfish broad .....

    do you think there is any hope for her to change. Or would you keep it moving
  4. tim teufel

    price check on these cdp 4s

    Don't want to overpay. But they look clean how much?
  5. tim teufel

    Need help on these fear pack 4s

    My girl found these in a thrift shop for 99.99 is this a come up or did I get fakes?
  6. tim teufel

    Buyer sends payment but no address linked to his payment

    So this person sends me payment but there is no address linked to their PayPal payment. First time I've seen this. Is it a scam?
  7. tim teufel

    Anyone start getting these scamming fake PayPal payments recently?

    So this dude hits me up on some kicks I'm selling and he sends me an email showing PayPal is awaiting shipment for them to process his payment to my account smh. Do people actually fall for this?
  8. tim teufel

    Best web browser to use on nt?

    On my iPhone i can't seem to add a listing in the buy n sell forum but on my pc it goes on just fine?
  9. tim teufel

    anyone that has shipped usps

    Seller tells me this via email You were looking to get the cheapest deal possible so that gets you ground shipping which requires a fee in order to have a tracking number. It is insured and I feel confident that it will arrive. That service takes between 5 and 9 business days to deliver...
  10. tim teufel

    brand new bred xi jordans size 10.5

    brand new in box never even tried on bred xi jordans. preffer cash meetup in the nyc area.
  11. tim teufel

    Lc flints

  12. tim teufel

    Anyone ever buy from this guy before on eBay?

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