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  1. cronicmolemolereturns

    Best Rap Lines or Verses of 2015 (Thus Far)

    Futures first verse on 'Digital Dash' Rick Ross on 'Knights of the Templar': 'I spoke about a pill now they wanna boycott When they favorite pastors, turning boys out' These are just off the top while I'm sitting on the bus, add some of your favs!
  2. cronicmolemolereturns

    Omarion is a God.

    Touch, Entourage, Icebox, 0, MIA,Let's talk.:x - The dance moves,. He's a king without a crown. come at me bros. :smokin
  3. cronicmolemolereturns

    Black Assassin Ninja for Jesus I'm crying dudes whole page is :rollin
  4. cronicmolemolereturns

    Dan Blizerian - Ultimate Alpha?

    If anyone doesnt know Dan Blizerian is known as the 'King of Instagram' . Dude is living the life, rich,cars, full beard, guns, women. and movie roles :x . Surprised no one has really talked about him on here.
  5. cronicmolemolereturns

    GoPro Video Thread

    Because they are awesome. Post Your Fav
  6. cronicmolemolereturns

    Los Angeles. Featuring Kanye West, Ashley Olsen, Lindsey Lohan et al

    A music video but I felt it belongs in general.. since it focuses more on interviews.. Kanye being obnoxious but Lidnsay and the dude who impersonates MJ were really sad, man.
  7. cronicmolemolereturns

    A Bronx Tale Appreciation. So Many Life Jewels

    Just pure awesome.
  8. cronicmolemolereturns

    Top Five Under appreciated Actors.

    No order but : Christopher Walken Kevin Spacey Woody Harrelson Gary Oldman Ray Liotta 6. Phillip Seymour Hoffman Discuss
  9. cronicmolemolereturns

    Scott Storch has more talent than your favorite producer.

    Hear me out.. check his discography its disgusting.. he is a producer.. he has no team.. he plays all his instruments writes all his musical selections.. This was the guy that Timbo and DRE etc came to for help.. if it wasnt for the
  10. cronicmolemolereturns

    Twitter Post Bad B*s Appreciation******* One of the greatest twitter accounts.. those vines.. :x post in here to try and get an ID on some of the girls as well
  11. cronicmolemolereturns

    RFX45... This cannot be you.

    :eek I always thought you would be like a professor type looking dude from your posts especially in the Dressing Better thread.. cant believe your inked up and look like a rockstar( I'm not insulting you by the way) Just more shocking than finding out Blink is black
  12. cronicmolemolereturns

    Jay Electronica. ULTIMATE COME UP: Engaged to Billionaire Heiress

    Rapper Jay Electronica is dating Kate Rothschild heiress to the Rothschild fortune currently worth 300 million pounds. No wonder he does not care about releasing music. From tragedy to triumph. Salute my brother , Ine mad at cha'
  13. cronicmolemolereturns

    Complex interview with MediaTakeOut Owner. A young successful black MAN.

    Interesting article I hate mediatakeout but.. surprised to see the site is run by a man.. can we really hate the website if its just supplying what people want?
  14. cronicmolemolereturns

    The Simpsons " Mother Simpson" vs. Futurama " Jurassic Bark" Saddest Episode

    vs. Both heartwrenching episodes.. not just for animation but for television period.. But I have to go with Jurassic Bark.. I legit almost was in tears at the end. :{
  15. cronicmolemolereturns

    Kid President Appreciation..

    Nice to see some positivity from the youth
  16. cronicmolemolereturns

    Pharrell turns 40! Still Looks 25

    Happy Belated Skateboard P.
  17. cronicmolemolereturns

    Lions Fighting Amazing Footage

    Can someone embed for me, please. It's crazy listen to the roars..always wanted to see a lion in real life..had no idea how huge they were. :x
  18. cronicmolemolereturns

    THEE Barber to the stars is.. a Woman?

    mindblown.. I'll admit I would never let a woman cut my hair..but shes pretty good.. clients include Nas, reggie bush, terrance from 106, avery johnson,blake griffin,usher etc :smokin
  19. cronicmolemolereturns

    David Fincher: House of Cards( BEWARE OF SPOILERS) (series) starring Kevin Spacey

    First episode is streaming for free on netflix . I expect it to be good, Kevin Spacey is a great actor, especially in darker roles.
  20. cronicmolemolereturns

    Best Stuntin/ I'm rich SongS?

    Tryna think of some songs that really make you say F my life. I need this money now.
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