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  1. ebpo

    LC on Nike Dunk Supreme SAMPLE

  2. ebpo

    Questions about Bespoke

    Hi! I'm thinking about going to NYC to do my own Bespoke AF1. I stillhave a few questions, so hopefully someone on NT can shed some light - Is the AF1 the only shoe you can customize? - How much is it? I heard $800. - When do you pay? When you make the appointment or when you go to the...
  3. ebpo

    NT, suggest me some clothing brands!

    Hey NT! I feel like I'm always wearing the same things... Would you care to share some brand (mainly for shirt)? Oh, and if possible not brand that everybody and their moms are wearing! Thanks
  4. ebpo

    NT, how popular is the Today Show on NBC?

    The hosts were in Montreal, Canada. And it cost about $400 000 to make them come here. They say the Today Show is really popular in the states. How true is that? Also, if you watch tomorrow, you gonna learn how to make poutine Don't miss that!
  5. ebpo

    SneakerFriends 2011 in Toronto this Sunday. Who's going?

    Hey everyone, Just saw that Sneakerfriends 2011 was in Toronto this Sunday (10/07/2011). Anyone going? I've never went to any event like this, should I drive all the way down from Montreal?
  6. ebpo

    Montreal Grand Prix - Check in!

    Hey everyone! So, how many of you are taking the streets for the Grand Prix frenzy this weekend? I'll be hitting up Crescent for sure. If some of you have some guestlist or stuff, let me know
  7. ebpo

    New Year's Eve in NYC, Help Needed

    Hi everyone, I'm coming to NYC for New Year's Eve, so I'd like to have suggestion on what do to. I'll probably go at Time Square to see the countdown, any recommendation? I'm planning to stay there from Dec 30 to Jan 2. Thanks!
  8. ebpo

    Montreal Heads : City Styles' Crooks and Castles VIP/Sample Sale

    Hey everyone! City Styles is having a sample sale from Friday to Sunday at their new location, on Ste-Catherine accross the Centre Eaton. Friday will be VIP Sale with password, which is MEDUSA
  9. ebpo

    The Power Of Internet. Vol: A little boy's dream

    Found this today so I thought I'd share, sorry if I'm late!
  10. ebpo

    Head To Toes @ BalRoom Bar - Montreal - Sunday. Who's going? Could be great! Who's going?
  11. ebpo

    Nike Stefan Janoski In Montreal??

    Hi! Well, title says it all: I'm looking for the Janoski (white perfored) somewhere in Montreal. Any word of a shop which got them?
  12. ebpo

    NT, Do You Pay Everything On First Date? Vol: Am I Cheap?

    So, that's the question. Guys, do you pay everything on first date? Restaurant, Cinema, whatever you do with her? Girls, SHOULD we pay everything?
  13. ebpo

    Montreal NT'ers, I need your help finding a job in IT

    Hey NT So, I need help finding a job as a Web Developer, but I can do some other jobs. I got a DEC in Computer Science and I've done 1 year of university at UQTR. I have some experience, but I don't have the 3 years everyone is asking. I'm sure somebody on here knows someone who can help me...
  14. ebpo

    Price Check On Trade

    Hi I didn't new where to post this, so I post here, move if necessary Would you trade Space Jam 09 + $200 for Worn once Black/Pink Yeezy? (I would be the one giving away the SJ and the $200) I always wanted those 2 shoes, buy I can't afford them both
  15. ebpo

    Boxing Day 2009 - What did you buy?

    So, I know there is already a pickup thread, but I'd like to see what yall got at the Boxing Day. I bought a In4mation "Hi" Tee from Off The Hook in Montreal for $36 (i think) + 40% Didn't find anything else. Couldn't find any greatdeal on shoes in my size What did you buy?
  16. ebpo

    OG Infantry White/Blue

    Hi! I put my hands on some OG Infantry, I don't really know how much they are value/how much I could get for them (I think in this case, it's 2 differentthings ) Also, are those considered Jordans or not? Onto the pics: By the way, they are used and don't come with the box Thanks a lot!
  17. ebpo

    New Website!

    Sorry if late, but there is a brand new website for On first page, there is the release date for the Space Jams (12/24/2009) and a shirt with a pic of the AJKO I haven't watch the whole website yet
  18. ebpo

    What do you wear during winter?

    Hi everyone! So I was just wondering what yall wearing during winter? Do you wear boots, beater, heat? Do you carry two pair??? I personally wear some Black/Red Timbs, but i'm think about wearing my Jordans outside, probably gonna use those rubber you put around the shoes while Iwalk outside...
  19. ebpo

    Need Help With Club In NYC vol: Yeah I'm a tourist

    Hi! I'm coming to New York from Montreal this week-end, i'm gonna meet 2 friends of mine who arrive from France. The problem is that one of my friend is20, so I was wondering if you guys knew a place where bouncers don't check the age too much. Sorry for my english
  20. ebpo

    Problem With Ebay Seller

    Hi! I don't know if i'm in the right forum, if not, you can move it So, I won a pair of OG Bred 1s for $202.10 but the seller contact me to say that he can't find the shoes, and that maybe his son took them. Then hecontacted me to cancel the transaction. The seller has an excellent feedback...
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