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    Help Identifying A Font Please!

    If anyone could let me know what font this is that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    *Round 2* - If you are a size 40 Guess Number 11-20 ***NEW WINNER***

    I will PM winner. (48 States Only) *Winner has been PMed Waiting for PM from the winner, you have till 1:15 EST, or 9 minutes.  *EDIT - Winner has responded - the winning number was 10. I'm looking for more %*%# around my house i can give away. The MSRP of this gift was $64. Better luck...
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    I am an idiot
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    Jay-Z (feat. Swizz Beatz) - Ultra

    Shouts to Splash (
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    Help IDing a song...

    Heard a song on the radio last night.. It talks about todays current rappers and has the "Bring it back" line from Maino's song in it. I cannot find it anywhere.  Thanks
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    CC Sabathia wearing Cool Grey IX Cleats and Black IV Cleats

    Wore the CG IX for the first two innings, then changed the Black IV. No great pictures yet.
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    If you received an e-mail from me...

    I apologize, my gmail account was hacked so do not open the e-mail. I do not know how this happened. I know I have dealt with many NTers and Gmail saves everyones e-mail address you have sent an e-mail too.
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    Anyone packin?

    Skoal that is.. I know its a nasty habit but I can't help it and I hate cigarettes so.. how much is a tin around your parts? I'm payin $4.50 in Bridgeport, CT
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    Facebook Suicide

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  11. M This site is great. You can view up to 4 websites at one time, or 3, or 2.
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    Court Tomorrow. Any Advice?

    I have court tomorrow for a moving violation ticket on the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York. The ticket reads "Moved from lane unsafely" and carries a $185 fine and 3 points. I dont care about the fine but I cant take the points. This is myfirst ticket, and I pleaded not guilty. The cop, in my...
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    This Is How You Steal 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods In 31 Seconds

    They ain't messin around. Haha Source: Gizmodo
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    *EDIT* Craziest Picture Collection Ever | PLAYER EXCLUSIVES PAGE 5 200+ PICS | NO 56K

    I havent done anything like this in a while. Those that know me know I have a crazy collection of pictures. Those that dont know me now know I have a crazy collection of pictures. I guarantee you see at least one thing, if not more, that you have never seen before. So without further...
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    BEWARE OF THIS - John Williams - FRAUD

    Guy emails me about buying two North Faces I'm selling.. Says he sent payment. So i log into paypal to check for funds and there is nothing there and he says that he received a confirmation email from paypal. Hetells me to check my email and i see this.. " class="g3" title="Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at...
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    Will It Blend - Vol. Nike

    This is a great video.. Sorry if im late
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    Any NTers living in Japan?

    I have a cellphone issued by the service provider AU by KDDI. It is really no use to me because it will not work here in the US It is a Sony Ericsson W64S in pink. It retailed around $550. I am going to look for a charger for it later today. PM me if you are interested or want more details.
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    Question about wheels for my car...

    What is the best value + look + size for a 2004 Ford Explorer. I am looking for wheels and tires. I dont know where to begin to look or know much about goodprice, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Is anyone awake? vol. Recession? Im in shock... Sorry if this is wrong forum. Im in shock...
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    New Yorkers...Help me out quickly

    Im in Bergen County, NJ and am trying to get to Deer Park, NY out on Long Island. What is the best way to get there without driving? How would I take a trainthere? Thanks
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