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  1. panaricanretro

    Nike Air Max 120 retro
  2. panaricanretro

    Who's your cable/internet provider? Vol: Fed up with Comcast

    I'm curious what providers people use for cable and/or internet especially if it's not Comcast/Xfinity. I'm sick of their **** customer service and they're ******** tactics for ignoring customer complaints. On GP I need to find a different service but want good internet speed and fair prices...
  3. panaricanretro

    Paula Dean up to her old tricks again...
  4. panaricanretro

    ***Official NB CUSTOMS THREAD Vol. 998 got us gassed up...***

    A just figured I would start a thread to load up all pics of people's 998 customs ideas. I think it's amazing that we have this as an option now but I think we really were clogging up the new balance thread with a lot of ideas that haven't been necessarily ordered or made yet. When real pairs...
  5. panaricanretro


    Just thought I'd get this started since there's already sample photos of the all-black pair floating around and now I see this on the size? blog so I snapped a quick screenshot. Looks like we're getting the purple punch ones. If there's already a thread for this shoe, please delete this one.
  6. panaricanretro

    **ANOTHER Jordan XI low... Vol. KNICKS!!**

    No info just yet. Just found the pic on IG and really hoping it's not just a Melo PE
  7. panaricanretro

    AIR MOWABB... forces?! Vol. "Bruh..."

    Seriously with this ****? I much prefer the previous Mowabb AF1. I think the sock liner thing is the part that is such overkill. I'm just hoping this is a sign of a proper Mowabb retro, and hopefully some more OG colorways to go with it.
  8. panaricanretro


    I hadn't done much eBay selling in a while, probably about 5 years. I sold a fair amount of stuff on here in the meantime and dealt with some of the usual annoying "These still available?" messages that lead to nothing. But the rest have been solid buyers here. So I decide to get my eBay...
  9. panaricanretro

    Nike Lebron VIII V2 Entourage sz 10.5 VNDS

    These have been worn 5 times with almost no signs of wear, no scuffs or marks on the upper or air bubbles, still clean. Insoles still look brand new. Will Ship USPS Priority with Tracking Number Double Boxed anywhere in US. International shipping price will vary based on country. Paypal...
  10. panaricanretro

    **Things every man goes through in life**

    I'm gettin old NT. Some days you wish you were young again and other days you're thankful for what your life experience had taught you. I always look back and think of things I would have told my younger self but I guess some things I had to learn the hard way. Anyway I think there's some things...
  11. panaricanretro


    These are the Lebron IX Cannons worn 4 times and still in NDS condition. No scuffs or creases showing, still look the same as when i bought them. Will Ship USPS Priority. Shipping outside the US will involve extra shipping charge based on country. Only serious inquiries/offers please.
  12. panaricanretro

    **NIKE AIR FORCE MAX B: BLACK/GREY/WHITE sz10.5 7/10 cond.**

    These are the 2006 retro Air Force Max B (Barkleys, Fab-Fives, etc...) worn a good 10-12 times and still in great condition minus the creasing on the toebox. No major scuffs or marks anywhere. A pair of Force Fields or Sneaker Shields in a size Small would probably push out the creases very...
  13. panaricanretro


    These have been worn 4-5 times with little signs of wear, no scuffs or marks on the upper or air bubbles, still clean. Will Ship USPS Priority with Tracking Number.
  14. panaricanretro


    Size 9.5 (could fit a 9.5 comfortable or size 10 snug) Worn 4 times with little sign of wear. No scuffs, no creasing. Will ship USPS Priority with Tracking number.
  15. panaricanretro


    These are VNDS, worn 4-5 times but with little to no signs of wear, soles still icy. Will be shipped USPS Priority with Tracking number.
  16. panaricanretro

    Looks like another graphic Foam Pro soon

    Just saw this on IG. Can't tell how the rest of the shoe will look but it makes me wonder if we'll EVER see a solid color foam again.
  17. panaricanretro

    "Help! My PURSE!!" Vol. am I late?

  18. panaricanretro

    This is what I hate most about moving...

    Every cot damn time... It's not as bad as it used to be. I downsized years ago to keep the collection below 60 pairs and it's manageable. My wife gets more stressed out about it than I do.
  19. panaricanretro

    Air Max 2014

    Just found an image on these. Curious to see more pics:
  20. panaricanretro

    Air Max Minot, Vol: my heart is filled with rage...

    I love the first 2 Terra Sertigs. Always regret getting rid of the 1s which made the 360 bubble that much worse when they retroed last year. But these, I've been waiting for these to retro forever and this is how they do it?! Got the pics from
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