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  1. sbib1130

    System of Dress Nike Shorts ?

    What is the difference between woven and twill shorts?
  2. sbib1130

    OFFICIAL THREAD: Nike Zoom Crusader

    These shoes are great, but there is one big flaw on the red pair. During the first day hooping in them parts of the shoe started peeling off. I'll take some pics when i can
  3. sbib1130

    Official Nike Zoom Revis 1 CAMO EXT Friday!

    Would these be okay to ball in? im thinking about getting a pair
  4. sbib1130

    If You Are Looking for/Interested In Working With The Federal Government...Come In. Positions Availa

    is JesusShuttlesworth34 still helping people with resumes and advice on getting government jobs? I recently graduated and i have been looking at government openings and i havent had too much luck
  5. sbib1130

    [OFFICIAL] -Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Thread- (Lows, Mids, Samples, ETC.) Everything Janoski Related

    does anybody know where i can get a pair of black and white ones for the low
  6. sbib1130

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    The top pair looks like balmain
  7. sbib1130

    TAY: thread about yambs...

    There was this chick in one of my classes last semester that i sat behind and never talked to before. Fast forward to this semester and i always see her on my way to class and we would make eye contact and smile at each other. I finally just went up to her this past thursday and i got her...
  8. sbib1130

    Ferarris make the girls wet (video)

    this one seemed really fake
  9. sbib1130

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    I wish i could find some light wash denim like this but arond like $80. im on a college students budget lol
  10. Black guy hair cuts

    Black guy hair cuts

  11. sbib1130

    Black guy hair cuts

    i literally just got a fade for the first time since i was 5. im 22 now and i might be rocking this look for a little bit. My cut is just like the guy in the picture but my beard isnt as deep
  12. tumblr_m1zu61XyC91r5bejlo1_1280.jpg


  13. sbib1130

    Ask A Hedge Fund Fraud

    man this is just crazy.the whole thing just came out of nowhere
  14. sbib1130

    Nike SB P-Rod 7

    This is the colorway i want. im going to wait it out to see if they hit outlets
  15. sbib1130

    Stunnin Style shoe boutique College Park MD..Now repairing and customizing shoes starting at $30!!!

    man im still trying to get my shoes back from him. if anybody knows how to get into contact with him please send me a pm
  16. sbib1130

    Teen Stabbed & Killed At A Cookout Over A Piece Of Chicken

    I remember watching this when it happened. i was like just crawl off the stage
  17. sbib1130


    I go to towson too. when i heard this was going on i couldnt believe it
  18. sbib1130

    So I was leaving Chick-Fil-A yesterday vol. Ayo

    man thats crazy i was just about to go there an hour ago
  19. sbib1130

    LeBron XI WTL(US 9/13), Maison Collection(8/23) - Updated 8/18

    these kind of remind me of the ultraposites.
  20. sbib1130

    The Official Overdoz Thread

    does anybody know where i can download nova for free?
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