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  1. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan XXV (pictures?)

    First visit to NT in nearly two months,and I come back to find out that this is what the XXV will look like . No wonder I haven't brought any J's in6 months and I guess the streak will continue.
  2. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan 25th I -2009 pure white pics

    Some turned out better than I thought, I'll cop some.
  3. greyscalemethod

    *****Nike Air Jordan 1 - 1984 og prototype AKA Big John-*****

    Glad they put the retail version out, but I wouldn't mind seeing these release
  4. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan I Leroy Smith (First Look) via

    LMAO Nothing surprises me anymore coming from JB. Straight trash
  5. greyscalemethod


    I see potential, but after seeing JB ruin the infrared VI, I see nothing to get excited about yet.
  6. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan 2010 posts "merged"

    Better than the 2k9's (that's not saying much), but still an easy pass. Why am I not surprised
  7. greyscalemethod

    It's so hard. vol. marley and me.

    Sorry to hear that OP Makes me think though, my first dog just turned 14 the first of this month. I know her time is near (I hope not). To make things easier though I got anotherdog last December. It's still gonna be hard especially since she is my first dog.
  8. greyscalemethod


    I guess that makes me crazy. I'm 100% sure I won't be getting these.
  9. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan L'style Blk/neutral Grey -

    Wow....I have nothing to say
  10. greyscalemethod

    JB summer 2010 with pics

    I guess I can't be too mad at this information, but these retro 1 20/23 shoes sound
  11. greyscalemethod


    The thoughts that went through my mind after seeing that split pic
  12. greyscalemethod

    *****Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2k4 X Air Jordan 11 ***** : via-

    These are probably a beast on the court. Still though
  13. greyscalemethod

    air yeezy with jordan 6 sole?

    those shoes are still Could never get with the Air Yeezy's. Shoe is the product of pure hype. They look like DBZ boots and the AJ VI sole doesn't help.
  14. greyscalemethod

    Jordan Brand going out of business...sad

    Interesting read. I guess the only reason they're selling these days is because of brand recognition.
  15. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan Spizike Via Marqueesole

    Random Blue??? I'd have to see these in person.
  16. greyscalemethod

    Air Jordan Fusion VIII (8) – White / Black – Red

    I see why I haven't bought any J's in 3 months...seeing this **@$ keeps killing the urge.
  17. greyscalemethod

    Jordan I Metallic 85 and 09 comparaison pics // NEW PURPLE COMPARAISON PICS PAGE 6

    One of the few pairs JB actually got right this year. Thanks for the pics, interesting to see.
  18. greyscalemethod

    New pics of the Jordan 16.5´s

    I'll get these and use them for beaters. They turned out nice considering that they're a hybrid.
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