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  1. kobeeh

    NT: Post Your Room Vol. Cleaning it in a min..

    in my case i would've thrown all the clothes on the ground.
  2. kobeeh

    Giving Speeches and presentations??

    my man knows wasup
  3. kobeeh

    Fail of the Century

    haha i knew that was going to happen. the exact same thing happened to one of my buddies on my high school track team lol i clowned on that boy for the rest ofthe season and so did everyone else at school
  4. kobeeh

    For All Of You Sandwich Dudes: " sandwich architecture "

    I'm going to start putting seasoning on my sandwiches.
  5. kobeeh

    For those of you who eat healthy, what's your food vice?

    i feel you dawg
  6. kobeeh

    "you keep the CHANGE"....This moron lives near me.

    small town?
  7. kobeeh

    asian kids beatup white kid vol black friends run

    ES Long Beach.
  8. kobeeh

    Entourage Episodes Online?
  9. kobeeh

    Black belt beats mentally ill man (to death?)

    there are not statue of limitations for murder.
  10. kobeeh

    There Is No Way in Hell This is Real.

    might as well call it $+! Spray LOL
  11. kobeeh

    Kobe Accuser Spittin' Rap

  12. kobeeh

    NT how would you feel if your girl didn't give you what you wanted

    yeah i still do what i want, but i guess my point is why can't she look beyond her feelings to make me happy. once in awhile won't hurt?maybe just once..
  13. kobeeh

    NT how would you feel if your girl didn't give you what you wanted

    b'cos she's against it. for example she doesn't buy you fast food because its unhealthy, but she knows you love junk food or she never gives youmoney for some trees even tho she knows you enjoy smoking and it makes you happy. I'm talking about from time to time not always.
  14. kobeeh

    Cali in the Summer Time ~ Appreciation

    Seriously i can't imagine being in any other place other than Socal. The weather is bangin' and the females are� .Cali heads know wassup! holla
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