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  1. eeibaby

    Lock this up, apparently I'm a troll.

  2. eeibaby

    gym cancellation letter??

    This was the case for me when I was with Bally's, they wanted an actual letter.
  3. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    Okay I have narrowed down to these two, do I go for the 32 LED Samsung or this
  4. eeibaby

    The Official Photography Thread - Vol. 3

    Hey there everyone, I recently thought about purchasing a Polaroid type of camera just for fun. Can anyone recommend me any types of models? I'm not trying to splurge, I will mostl likely pick one off of ebay. I did a bit of research and was leaning towards the Polaroid 300 instant. Any...
  5. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    I know the easiest choice would be samsung but something is making me lean towards the Panasonic. I'm reading reviews on how superb the picture quality is. Are there any Nter who owns both?
  6. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    Thank you so much, RFX45, I will definitely compare and decide on the best option
  7. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    ^ any input?
  8. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    What's the best choice out of these three brands? Samsung, LG or Insignia?
  9. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    How are insignia's?
  10. eeibaby

    NT help me out, looking to buy a TV

    Budget is about under $400, whats the best 32" tv I can get out there, preferably an LED but whatever a really good deal and quality tv
  11. eeibaby

    So now little boys can grow up to be Miss Universe.

    Now I'm not generalizing a whole community but don't you think majority who in life decides to have a sex change, were always feminine to begin with?  Majority if not all, who goes through with the surgery are NOT masculine males.  IMO it defeats the whole purpose of the surgery
  12. eeibaby

    Moving to Philadelphia, any help/tips/suggestions anyone?

    I've been to Parx, of course it's no Atlantic City, but its alright.  You should try to make the drive to Harrah's Chester, although the place is narrow it's absolutely beautiful. And as for OP, you should check out South Philly, there's an area I believe is called Passyunk Square.  Completely...
  13. eeibaby

    [Official Philadelphia 76ers Thread] - Show Ya Luv!

    Can we please stop giving Lou Williams the ball during crunch time? Especially when he's struggling? Is Doug Collins that blind to not give other players opportunities down the stretch.
  14. eeibaby

    the thread about nothing...

    Just recently got both side of my ears pierced, now I have to sleep on my back, which results in sleep paralysis. I am afraid to sleep tonight
  15. eeibaby

    The Official Photography Thread - Vol. 3

    I think I'm finally going to break down and purchase my first dslr. My range is about anything under $500, so I was wondering would the canon t1i be a good entry level dslr?
  16. eeibaby

    Brandon Jennings is a top 3 point guard

    Agree! Iverson established himself in the NBA since day 1, BJ not so much. Besides that 55 point game, nothing really impresses me about him.  He's very talented but there are no indication that he will be a superstar in this league
  17. eeibaby

    ☆☆ 2012 NBA Finals ☆☆ The King has been crowned; Heat win 2012 NBA Finals! Bron Finals MVP.

    Happy to see my Sixers do well, I feel Evan Turner will come into his own this season
  18. eeibaby

    Good Burger (movie) APPRECIATION

    Sorry for the grave dig, I just recently re-watched this film and its hilarious. The pyramid quotes got me dying over here
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