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  1. naydie23

    Barbers In San Jose???

    yo Giants is tha place to get hooked up..if any place down in SJ u want a clean line they got experience.. Acekilla and da prEscription kno who to go to.. I've driven past that address of Da Barbershop.. who here has got cut up there?.. is it a shop inside a house like many of them eastside...
  2. naydie23

    Bay Area Goonies (Don't Get Your Treasure Snatched)

    M.JAIR -What were the circumstances of ur boys incident? Where'd this happen? . . RIP to ur boys gurl , on the real... ++## like this gota stop
  3. naydie23

    ANY1 Have INFO On Kegs?. . . . .(SanJOse)

    wasup...last min idea to check here but if any NT'er on here has info on kegs in the south bay area..(s.clara, san jose, surrounding) can sumbody help a patna out... Jus lookin for prices of full or pony kegs n the name of the store...aite thanks for any help . ..
  4. naydie23

    Bay Area Goonies (Don't Get Your Treasure Snatched)

    RICO 7JT . . where u stay at in san jo.. if thas where it is u stay at.. im down there everyweek n seen that @#%$ too, people actin' hard wenever they wit a group of their homeboys
  5. naydie23

    ** NorCal Store Inventory Updates **

    any reports on : GreatMall NIke outlet? or Anything from the SanJOse Area malls? East Bay area?
  6. naydie23

    THIS IS THE END BIG SALE...1.13.2011 TURF IS CLOSING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIYab 11 or 11.5 sizes left in tha VIII inspired dunk? Would they by chance be any left this Saturday @the rate there selling now?
  7. naydie23

    Anyone from San Jose go to San Jose Blue Jeans?

    is it a legit place? never hurd of this place its called "San Jose Blue Jeans" address?
  8. naydie23

    PURIST San Francisco -Grand Opening-

    is this the beginin process of where ur announcing it coming in like 2008 OR is there a spot picked out and ready to open by summer?
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