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  1. hediondo19

    Recommend Some Good Whiskey...

    Templeton Rye refers to rye whiskey originally made in Templeton, Iowa during the prohibition era as a way for farmers in the Carroll County area to supplement their income.[1] Amber in color, it was considered to be of particularly high quality and was popular in Chicago, Omaha, and Kansas...
  2. hediondo19

    Anybody own a Logitech Harmony 700?

    Been looking into getting a harmony remote, wondering if anybody has the 700 if it is any good.  Or if there are any new harmonys that are going to be coming out. Is it worth to pay more money for the Harmony One over the 700?
  3. hediondo19

    Alicia Keys

    i really enjoy her.
  4. hediondo19

    ...Official BLACKBERRY Thread v.updated...

    I'm up for contract renewal at my phone company (US Cellular) I currently have an original Moto Q. The BB options I can get are either the 8330 or the8830. Any opinions on either of those? Or they have the Moto Q9c. I'm not sure which way to go. Or if anybody knows of US Cellular planning on...
  5. hediondo19

    Blu-Ray: What's the difference? How much better than DVD? Is it worth buying?

    Watched TDK on my BluRay at my friends on his 100 inch projector last night. GLORIOUS!
  6. hediondo19

    ayo NT check out my image editing project (pics)

    Photoshop filter?
  7. hediondo19

    ☆☆☆ - ENTOURAGE Season 5 (Ep. 60): "Redomption" 10pm ET - ☆☆☆

    Dana Gordon will be the new studio head. She used to be one step below Alan didn't she? The boys have had nothing but bad news it seems for the past seasonand half, they have to get something good once in awhile. Phil M. was a really really bad actor.
  8. hediondo19

    The Office's Michael Scott causes kid to be sent to detention...

    Michael Scott or Wayne's World? I am sure this kid has only heard it from 'The Office' but people should know "That's what she said"originated from Wayne's World!
  9. hediondo19

    TITANIUM XX3 owners ..... how would you feel if you lost those shoes?

    Parkersburg is about 20 minutes away from me straight to the west. The night of the big hurricane we didn't get any rain/high winds/hail none of thatstuff. It was nuts. I live right next to the highway that goes to Parkersburg and we kept seeing ambulances going back and forth transporting people.
  10. hediondo19

    Official HDTV and HD Thread! Vol: 1080p > 720p > 1080i > 480p > 480i

    Why do some BluRay movies I play in my PS3 I still get in letterbox format? I have a Samsung 32" LCD. Shouldn't the picture fit the 16:9 ratio screen?
  11. hediondo19

    Travis Barker is the Man

    Travis doesn't really do anything in that video that is breathtaking. I think he gets too much credit for adding his own drums to previously releasedsongs and people think he is Neal Peart or something. Carter uses a bigger set, can read his band mates better, more skilled, and without as...
  12. hediondo19

    Travis Barker is the Man

    Ehhh... Carter Beauford is better.
  13. hediondo19

    NT GUNTALK vol. Pics (not mines)

    Can anyone tell me why someone would tag a picture of his gun?
  14. hediondo19

    The Kid Griffey Jr. wearing the BEST cleats in the Game!

    Griff needs to get out of his HR slump quickly!
  15. hediondo19

    **Where the Wild Things Are** movie clip...Fall 2009

    There was an embed code on the page, I sure hope you did not see it, or I will be making fun of you.
  16. hediondo19

    The Kid Griffey Jr. wearing the BEST cleats in the Game!

    Good God those are pretty.
  17. hediondo19

    Dark Knight: New Joker Pics?

    Awesome Barack!
  18. hediondo19

    Dark Knight: New Joker Pics?

    I can't get mad at you for being an $!!%$*@ at that. It was pretty clever. Still want to see those pics though!
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