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  1. eg47

    Official Warriors Off Season Thread

    This type of strangeness is nothing new in WarriorLand. I still don't understand how this is a jerk move on Baron's part. Imma still be a Warrior fan with or w/o BD but I'm gonna side with Baron on thisone. IMO Baron has done everything that has been asked for him and more for this franchise...
  2. eg47

    Official Warriors Off Season Thread

    If I'm Baron i'd be very MAD at the Warriors front office. For all he's done the past 2years he gets no assurance from the F/O that he's part of their plans or future. What more can he do and what reason doeshe have for sticking around? He's taken the Warriors to the playoffs and played a full...
  3. eg47

    Hoop heads: Is this dunk possible?? Vol. Bron's scared of the dunk contest

    @ the "grey's anatomy" theme song remix for me knowing...
  4. eg47

    Skip Bayless Unappreciation

  5. eg47

    Should my fanhood be questioned?

    I'm an Oakland A's fan but I do own these fitteds: NY Yanks NY Mets ATL Chi Cubs TB Rays Pirates Nat'l Astros Padres Throwback Honestly, i'd prolly cop every fitted out there except a SF Giants, LA Dodgers and Angels
  6. eg47

    Nelly-The Bay

    kinda of reminded me of this david banner joint...
  7. eg47

    Official 2008 Atlanta Braves Season Thread (59-77) vol. We Blow

    i just copped an ATL fitted (navy w/ the red brim) and was wondering if I shoulda copped the newer version (w/ the hammer). What do you guys think about thatone? (btw, not a diehard Braves fan but I always rooted for em' since the early 90s. probably my 2nd favorite baseball team next to the A's)
  8. eg47

    Create Your Own "There Can Only Be One"

    wow i always kinda referred to Hedo and Peja as the "Terror Squad" when they were on the Sac. Kings.
  9. eg47

    Do you sometimes hate other fans of your own fav team?

    yah, some 9er fans on NT think they're the end all, be all of 9er fandom but whatever..
  10. eg47

    Guess whose going to be in Fight Night Round 4.....

    i thought EA wasn't going to make another FN tho...?
  11. eg47

    2008 NBA Playoffs Taunts, Celebrations, And Hand Gestures Unappreciation Post

    brought to you by a pimp slap with a backhand ... yeah the actual basketball game during the playoffs have taken a back seat to theatrics and shenanigans
  12. eg47

    Oakland A's at Los Angeles Angels - 4/28 - 5/1

    damn can't get through
  13. eg47

    Oakland A's at Los Angeles Angels - 4/28 - 5/1

    so, where can i cop tix for sunday ?
  14. eg47

    Oakland A's at Los Angeles Angels - 4/28 - 5/1

    if jack cust and frank thomas start swinging the bats, watch out. that's a poor mans version of big papi and manny Should be a close game tonight, the A's bats always seem to cool off after a huge run scoring game. Hopefully by sacrificing outfield defense for offensewe don't have too much of...
  15. eg47

    Pierce, Stevenson fined $25,000 each for 'menacing gestures'

    SMH dude reppin C's throwing up B's What part of the game is that?
  16. eg47

    SFFF GIANTS Season Thread (22-24)

    They have a debate going on right now, on who's the biggest FA pitching bust of all-time - Zito vs. Hampton I'm an A's fan and it saddens me to see this dude just fall into Bolivia. Zito used to be filthy and had great poise on the mound, he's never had ahuge arsenal of pitches but...
  17. eg47

    New Orleans Hornets VS Dallas Mavericks, VOL. Must Win, 4th Edition,

    is it me or does this dude resemble jason kidd w/o the facial hair?
  18. eg47

    Oakland at Seattle - 4/25 - 4/27

    King Felix gets 10Ks and we come out with the W
  19. eg47

    PS3: 40 GB vs. 80 GB?

    so is the 80g MGS bundle gonna have Snake on the actual PS3? that might actually deter me from buying an 80g model.
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