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  1. rap sizzle

    The NBA is a joke.

    So OP, would you have been mad if this team won a 'chip too?
  2. rap sizzle

    Macbook Air vs. Macbook Pro - Help me out guys

    For those suggesting the retina Macbook Pro, it actually isn't the ideal laptop to work with for a web designer due to its extremely high resolution. You'll have issues with scaling and what you'll be seeing on your retina screen won't be the same as the majority of the world. Read up on this...
  3. rap sizzle

    MACbook White Screen of Death! (Oh no!)

    Is it really that hard to google for an answer?
  4. rap sizzle

    Homemade Engagement Ring.

    Fellow Boilermaker  Dude definitely put his engineering degree to use. Props.
  5. rap sizzle

    Disliked characters

    Carl from Walking Dead. There's a lot of things that annoy me about the show but the character and the actor playing him is pretty much the worst thing about the show.
  6. rap sizzle

    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    I've always wondered, why do football jerseys use patches for names as opposed to individually stitched or heat-pressed letters like in most other sports?
  7. rap sizzle

    THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Official Thread - 6/28 - TV Spot 10 on Last Page (More Selina Kyle)

    The Dark Knight got so much attention due to the passing of Heath Ledger. I feel this movie will be just as good as the Dark Knight, without as much hype.
  8. rap sizzle

    What backpack yall rockin? Vol. OFFICIAL BACKPACK THREAD

    Damn, you managed to get one? I wanted to get this bad since I've been looking to get a Hot Shot but I'm not a fan of the TNF logo placement on the regular ones. Plus the regular stock khaki color isn't as good looking as this tan one. I couldn't care less about the Supreme tag though. Too bad...
  9. rap sizzle

    When Lebron Returned

    That was a pretty weak game IMO. The booing died down so quick. Vince Carter's first game back in Toronto was so much better.
  10. rap sizzle

    The Ultimate Soccer Thread 2011-2012. VOL 2 (EPL,LFP, SERIE A, BUND, ETC.)

    Valdez sucked. Tello sucked. What the hell was Pep thinking keeping the dude on for more than 70 minutes??? Sanchez did more in 2 minutes than Tello did all game. Terrible. Props to Real. They punished our horrible defending. With the way they played tonight, they deserve the La Liga title.
  11. rap sizzle

    The Official Mac Thread (Docs, Themes, Apps, Etc.)

    Are you sure you bought the correct type of RAM for the model that you have? You should read this for better understanding:
  12. rap sizzle

    What is/are the most beautiful car(s) in the world? Vol IYO

    Ferrari 599 GTO and E92 M3
  13. rap sizzle

    Ray Ban Wayfarer

    You should try them on before pulling the trigger. I've always wanted a wayfarer but when I tried them on, they didn't look good on me. I'm sticking to my carbon fiber aviator tech.
  14. rap sizzle

    How Long Do the Adidas NBA Swingman Shorts Run?

    I have the red/black Raptors swingman shorts that I picked up on Boxing Day about 3 years ago. Compared to Nike/Jordan shorts, they don't run very long and the waist is smaller. Plus they're shaped differently. They're straighter unlike Nike shorts which are loser on the bottom. The quality is...
  15. rap sizzle

    The Official Photography Thread - Vol. 3

    I take it you're talking about the PocketWizard Plus II? You'll need one for your camera and one for each flash unit. They're tranceivers so they can be interchanged as transmitters or receivers. You should be able to find some used Plus IIs for a good price now that the IIIs are coming out.
  16. rap sizzle

    What's your homepage? Vol. I'm tired of Yahoo.

    Are people still unaware of Private Browsing/Incognito Window? This should be a given when browsing 'sensitive' material.
  17. rap sizzle

    Official 2011-2012 Toronto Raptors Season Thread: (20-39) vs. Celtics (34-24) 7pm 4/13

    I'm done supporting this team for the year. We're just flat out horrible. Not only did we choke up the lead but we allowed this Jeremy Lin (and I'm Asian if it matters) hype to continue. Plus, Toronto fans disgusted me with cheering for the Knicks. While I'm sick of the hype around this kid, I'm...
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