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  1. techmen31

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    They just put the whole series up on Hulu Plus! Worth the $8 per month just for that imo
  2. techmen31

    Official Air Jordan VII 'Charcoals' post! 9/1 Don't call 'em Raptors! NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    Who doesnt inspect their shoes before they buy them?
  3. techmen31

    Official Air Jordan IV white/varsity red RELEASE THREAD 8/4/12: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    When did the nba store start selling Js?
  4. techmen31

    Official Air Jordan IV white/varsity red RELEASE THREAD 8/4/12: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    Man I'm pissed. I fell asleep early last night so I didnt get em off of NDC and I have the gift card to use! I hope they restock these.
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    Mine is on the 5th too! Turning 24 and my son is turning 1 on the 20th!
  6. techmen31

    What Is Your Favorite Vehicle

  7. techmen31

    so niketalk family... I'm having a kid

    I was with my girl for about 6 months when I got her pregnant. We're still together happier than ever and our boy is turning 1 next month. Enjoy it bro. Everything works out somehow so stay positive and remember that no matter what your kid comes first.
  8. techmen31

    If Vic Mackey was on the Wire, how would it have played out?

    Yea I dont think McNulty coul have handled everything the way Mackey did. McNulty would have slipped up somehow.
  9. techmen31

    Air Jordan Paintings (3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 11's)

    You should consider doing prints and selling them for cheaper. Your paintings are dope but I dont know alot of people dropping $500 on paintings.
  10. techmen31

    What are the top 5 TV shows of all time ?

    The Shield The Sopranos Breaking Bad Friday Night Lights Dexter
  11. techmen31

    The Shield

    I just finished this show and I am a huge fan of The Sopranos and The Wire and I have to say it ranks up there with those shows just fine. If it had been an HBO show it could have been alot better with no restrictions but I LOVED it! Vic Mackey is one of the best characters of any series or...
  12. techmen31

    Not Being a Father Unappreciation.

    Got me a 9 month old son.  Definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  13. techmen31

    TITANIC 3D - Vol. Re-Release

    I have always been fascinated with the Titanic and I loved the movie as a kid and so does my girl so we'll def be checking it out this weekend.
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  15. techmen31

    Mountain Dew Melts Mice vol. Gooey but tastes great

    Yes I have a 12er in my fridge right now that I purchased at Albertsons.
  16. techmen31

    How far are you willing to go to protect the current female in your life?

    I have a 9 month old son with my girl and honestly I would sacrifice my life for hers without hesitation.
  17. techmen31

    boldest statement ever made

    I guess nobody noticed that "guarantee" is spelled incorrectly in that image... It amazes me that somebody created that but didnt take the time to proofread what they wrote.
  18. techmen31

    Want to Change the World? Vol. KONY 2012

    I havent watched all of the vid yet. My little brother posted it on Facebook and he decided to donate all of his birthday money which is about 130 bucks. Hes only 13. Its really cool seeing him believe in something and want to take action at such a young age.
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