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  1. starkyl0ve

    DJ Allah Mathematics & Street Life arrested...

    I'm just sayin, given all the Supreme Clientele suckage there's been this month, #%$%#! shouldn't be sodisrespectful. He only came with the illest beat the whole disc.
  2. starkyl0ve

    The Official MOB Figaz Thread (Tear Gas Was The Album Of the Summer)

    This starky, been banned for almost two months, trust this thread aint dying bout to get a new name an everything, anything bay/east bay/ oakland ima be postinhere. look out for that Stalin "Rock Day" vid Raider posted earlier.
  3. starkyl0ve

    Does Plies Really Have a Degree in Nursing??

    We would. Aint anything wrong with getting a degree and bettering yourself, but no one should be rapping about !$@+ they aint live. But that's literally 98% of them. And most of my favorite rappers fall in that upper percentile. Drive slow lil !+*%#
  4. starkyl0ve

    [| -- Fabolous x DJ Drama: There Is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service) 2010 -- |]

    Gangsta Grillz you bastards..HA! HA!
  5. starkyl0ve


    ^How long can he keep doing this. I got 15+ tapes of his and enjoy all of them. He puttin Waynes hustle days to shame.
  6. starkyl0ve

    Create your Own Gucci Verse

    at "I likes me"
  7. starkyl0ve

    Create your Own Gucci Verse

    Woke up this mornin to the 09 Benz, Black on black tint with the Giovanni rims, See my lips black cause I blow a lot of kush, But I'm a rich @$+$# so I'm in you ladies bush,(well damn!) Call me ignant call me slow, Never been articulant but I got that snow (burr!) Lawnmower man always gotta...
  8. starkyl0ve

    Post Your Top 10 Favorite GUCCI/JEEZY Songs

    Inspired by all the ****ery in the Trap or Die 2 thread. For the +!*#++ that @##* with both without bias, I'm curious to see how yall would rank their 10 best. Both got hitters for days, especially Gucci. This+%#! is damn near impossible. Jeezy 1.Put On 2.Burry Me A G 3.Standing Ovation...
  9. starkyl0ve

    x-men 1992 animated series had some STRONG adult subject matter.

    phenomenal show back in the day.. hell it still is.
  10. starkyl0ve


  11. starkyl0ve

    Toys R US Buy 2 get 1 Free Video Games...10/11-10/17

    Yo is Toys R Us still letting this fly? They haven't caught on yet? Tryin to go tomorrow after work.
  12. starkyl0ve

    Tupac Shakur NEW Interview at 18 years old.. Vol Chairman Of The New Afrikan Panthers **PEEP**

    I LOVE with dudes like you expose them selves.
  13. starkyl0ve


    ^ I don't think Part 2 should get all the hate it does but I can't really count Wasted or Lets Do It. Watch Coast A Bentley Shadow I Got All That Excuse Me Frowney Face Candy Lady/Remix Think I Want Her Trap Goin Crazy all slap.. don't know how anybody can front on either tape.
  14. starkyl0ve

    -Who's Year is it? Gucci's or Drakes?-

    Gotti is my !*@$! and I hate to say it but he jus to real to blow.
  15. starkyl0ve

    Music Forum random thoughts/confessions

    Me too. I thought you were sayin somethin else though. Didn't realized you meant the youth and trends.
  16. starkyl0ve

    Music Forum random thoughts/confessions

    Uh no...
  17. starkyl0ve

    Things You'll Do To Yourself If 'Til The Casket Drops gets delayed any further....

    They've put out two studio albums in about eight years... It's come to be expected.
  18. starkyl0ve

    Im from the south VOL Down South STAND UP

    I !!#* with the south. A lot of surprising overlapping culture between the Bay Area (Oakland) and the South. As my cousins in GA say, 'there some straightup bammas in the town.'
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