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    Dressing better

    oh okay, nvm, I think I remember RFX or someone posting that jacket earlier in this thread.
  2. avitale8

    Dressing better

    Where's the jacket from?
  3. avitale8

    Physics prove Parallel Universes exist (Vol. LOST fans are still confused)

    This is really interesting...I've never really thought of things like that, as far as alternate states of being. That video is crazy how the simple act of observing the particles made them act differently.
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    Dressing better

    Yea, I don't think I could wear 511's. I tried them on before, and they don't make it up my legs lol or they look painted on. I'm in decent shape, I'm 6'2 and wear size 32, but my calves, thighs are too big for them. What other slimmer fits would probably work? 514s? I usually just wear my 501s...
  5. avitale8

    Dressing better

    what kind of shorts you guys got going for the summer coming up?
  6. avitale8

    Dressing better

    Was wondering what kinda shorts you guys are wearing, with summer coming up.
  7. avitale8

    Check out the eye jammie this dude Brad on the Real World got...LMAO (vid)

    Darrell was shook to fight Wes earlier in the season...
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    whos your celebrity crush ? VOL- dreaming isnt enough

    was it really necessary to post every picture ever taken of that dude?
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    What did you guys want to do for a living when you were younger

    I wanted to play for the Magic
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    Happy Friday - so here's a gift!

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    Selena Gomez on Conan O'Brien Show---Wifey material--Pics

    Saw her on Fallon show a few months ago...I felt dirty after I found out she was only like 16
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    remember, Vince had to get his driver's license, he's doing the movie about Ferrari
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    NBA 2K10 News Thread (The Game Is OUt)

    Dwight is an 89? lmaooo did they drop everyone's ratings? cuz that's a joke if everyone is the same as 2k9
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    oh word....good +%%! then...yea I know on ps3...most them team2k things are frauds, they just get their boy to play them a bunch of times and quit
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    dude, be real...I know people that got on Team2k for didnt play a bunch of games and got someone you knew to go to custom ranked games withyou and quit abunch of times so it gave you the win
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    Dressing better

    I used to wear lacostes back in the day, but I don't like the way they fit at the bottom of their shirts...its like really short and you'rewearing a dress that ends at your stomach lol idk, the best fitting polo shirts I had were Burberry's and then RL Polo, but RL are pretty long
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    Official Post Your Ethnicity Thread

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