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  1. rubberduckievn


    uc rejects.
  2. rubberduckievn

    Controversial Business Topics?

    ill believe a douche on NT before i believe someone who doesnt know the difference between ucsf and usf, especially when it would require you to move. do yourresearch son!
  3. rubberduckievn

    Air Jordan V Toro Bravo (Raging Bull) Pack Release Date Changed

    I'm pretty sure he meant in store
  4. rubberduckievn

    House of Hoops releases: information ONLY!!

    i seen a pair of ben gordon zoom flight clubs at a footlocker here in the bay area only size 9 tho
  5. rubberduckievn

    Where is everyone getting their Jordan V pack at this weekend?

    newpark mall is the spot. Shiehks, finishline, champs and Ftl are all getting them. Ftl is getting 30 pairs and champs usually get two times their amount.
  6. rubberduckievn


    230 for a ds size 9.5 fremont/ milpitas
  7. rubberduckievn


    anyone need a 9.5 for 235
  8. rubberduckievn


    anyone need a pair of size 9.5's? sell a little over retail
  9. rubberduckievn

    PURIST San Francisco -Grand Opening-

    I heard the first person got there at 630, my girl and my friend got there at 9, too bad my friend needed a 10.5 which went to the 1st person. They only had 9pairs, didn't seem to be that many people maybe like 14?, i was at the release for the neons, and there was like 25 people.
  10. rubberduckievn

    Employee Appreciation 50% 11/21 - 11/22 Champs, Foot Locker, Foot Action

    Yeah the 20/3 Packs are included but if you aren't an employee you ain't getting your size, because the only ones are left are the ones that employeesare holding for themselves. Unless you are in the DMV, the eggplants got to be ordered, i ordered a bunch for my store and just returned them so...
  11. rubberduckievn

    Air Penny 2 RD & Pics: 9/27/08 White/Royal/Black, 11/08, & 01/09

    Where you located at man? But they are available now to order about two weeks now that its been up, ive ordered a size 8, 9.5, 11.5 and a 13 this past week. Just have them try again, get the sku from the sneaker finder magazine.
  12. rubberduckievn

    Official Nike HyperDunk Thread... Kobe PEs(away and home) now available.

    black red hyperdunks coming out next week at footlockers
  13. rubberduckievn

    Official Nike HyperDunk Thread... Kobe PEs(away and home) now available.

    Most stores are getting plenty pairs of the black ones and very few stores are getting the olympic usa hyperdunks one size run for these at least for champsand ftl and these are excluded on f and f.
  14. rubberduckievn

    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    already graduated how bout you?
  15. rubberduckievn

    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    Haha not really, when my stacks were higher it'd fall over once in a while if i tapped it or if my cat ran into it, but since i moved most of my Jordansthey are only 6-9 high so they are pretty stable now.
  16. rubberduckievn

    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    Room back at my parents house, miss my own place in college. It's clean now those stacks were like 15 high last week, haha.
  17. rubberduckievn

    Fathers Day 1s

    We didn't even get a FSR at my store, 30 pairs total of each color, but only 8.5-12. Here's the other color.
  18. rubberduckievn


    Just picked them up they also came with black laces, but does anyones squeak as much as mine when you walk its the leather on the inside of the shoe. Along with my other pickups recently.
  19. rubberduckievn

    Olympic 6's and Father's Day AJ1's? Where you getting these?

    Where are you guys getting these in the 510, Champs and FTL in Newpark are getting a handful. 24 Pairs at Footlocker for the Olympics and 45 pairs each forthe Father's Day 1's.
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