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  1. skylarkster

    I hope this brings us better Jordans In the future

    People were crying photoshop the first 20 pages of that thread. I guess Mike knows he can tarnish his name a little more than when he was on the court. But personally I wouldn't call this lifestyle "awesome".
  2. skylarkster

    Ska its been going on long enough...time to lock....

    Camby to the Clippers for the OPTION to acquire the Clipper's 2nd round pick in 2010. This is coming of the heels of Eduardo Najera getting traded to the Nets for absolutely nothing. Most Nuggets fans including myself wanted Camby gone becauseof his non-existent offense and poor on-court...
  3. skylarkster

    The Kid Griffey Jr. wearing the BEST cleats in the Game!

    Sorry for being in the dark about those Swingman Remixes, but is there a release day? For the max-air version?
  4. skylarkster

    ******ZOOM LEBRON VI ACTUAL PICS****** Enjoy!!!!

    Those Zoom Power fakes still have the "VI" on the toe. Also, these: remind me of these: Which isn't really a bad thing.
  5. skylarkster

    Ska its been going on long enough...time to lock....

    It's gonna be an awful shame having to hate Maggette if he goes to the Spurs evil darkside. But the Spurs must be dealt with. No more title contentions forthem, please.
  6. skylarkster


    I was thinking about getting the VII/XVI pack at NikeTown but I don't want to sit out there with the rabid Denver heads. Problem is there's not a lotof places in the north suburbia area that will get this.
  7. skylarkster

    AND 1 - Discussion / New Releases [ 2007 Samples pg.17 ]

    Info about the And1 5th element?
  8. skylarkster

    Air Jordan TGIM (The Game is Mine) - Black / Varsity Red

    Bold part--far from the truth.
  9. skylarkster

    Hoop heads: Is this dunk possible?? Vol. Bron's scared of the dunk contest

    That last attempt he might have gotten close to pulling it off if he didn't fumble it. Team Flight Bros. and Flight101 are doing ridiculous stuff latelythough.
  10. skylarkster

    The Official "AIR-UM-OUT" Thread ...

    The entire Spurs organization, with the exception of Duncan. The only thing more disgusting than the attitude of this team is how much they win year afteryear. Poppovich--how would you like this guy as your dad, or coach for that matter? Filthy guy who preaches dirty play and accepts the...
  11. skylarkster

    Say something about the NT'er above you Vol. let me get em

    Older than 95% of NT?
  12. skylarkster


    I apologize if this was stated already since I didn't read all 21 pages, but if this is a black-based IV, does that mean we are getting white/flintgrey XIXs?
  13. skylarkster

    Official:1st Round NBA 2008 Playoffs: Game 2 Lakers vs. Nuggets 4/23 7:30 PM PST Game On TNT HD

    I don't expect Denver to split the series tomorrow, but at home it's always a different story... Anyway, all us Nuggets fans know that Karl sucks in many aspects, including his rotation. Kleiza is starting, that's a good change, but we'll getnowhere unless JR gets optimal minutes. Camby looks...
  14. skylarkster

    LeBron throwing powder in the air

    Various athletes do the pre-game chinup on the net ritual. Does Vince Carter still do that? Somebody put me in my place on this, but I've always felt that throwing the powder at everyone is totally distasteful. The guys at the table andsurrounding personnel kinda laugh, but are trying to look...
  15. skylarkster

    OFFICIAL DENVER NUGGETS Season Thread (Ok... Maybe we're not "finished")

    ^^Good info. By "closer than ever" you mean stepping down immediately after the playoffs? I would love Larry Brown. Nuggets need someone to whip theminto shape. And the sports forum is flooded lately. By the time Sunday rolls around it's gonna be 20 Team Denver Nuggets members against 2000 Team...
  16. skylarkster

    First Name That Comes To Mind When You Hear " Whats Wrong With The NBA"

    All this mention of JR Smith has shocked me, really.
  17. skylarkster

    OFFICIAL DENVER NUGGETS Season Thread (Ok... Maybe we're not "finished")

    If I had a choice I'd rather see both Denver and GS in the final spots over Dallas too.
  18. skylarkster

    OFFICIAL DENVER NUGGETS Season Thread (Ok... Maybe we're not "finished")

    Since we were all in the Warriors game thread last night I felt the need to come back here. Next 3 game predictions: @ Utah: loss vs. Houston: win vs. Memphis: win And that's enough to get in the 8th seed. Although a win against Utah would be just as sweet as last night's win. I'm starting to...
  19. skylarkster

    The Golden State Warriors Unappreciation Post

    You just want AI to fail.
  20. skylarkster

    Official Denver Nuggets @ Golden State Warriors 4/10/08 TNT

    I wasn't comfortable until the final horn sounded, I kept waiting for that Warriors run but Denver answered every threat (including that weak #%%+technical on JR--4 pt posession). To those saying Nuggets are getting swept in the first round, okay. We get clubbed in the first round every year...
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