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    OFFICIAL 2015 NBA PLAYOFF THREAD (NBA FINALS SET; GSW V. CLE - (But we have a whole week before the

    Where is Corey Brewer? Hasn't been in the game in a while
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    Kyrie 1 NikeID Thread

    We, couple of friends and I, decided to each make a WTF inspired Kyrie id. and well here they are. We decided on keeping the others shoe to each have a unique pair and IMO I think they came out great .
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    Nike HYP Chase (ASG, Fragment Design Trio Released 2/12/2015)

    Used Same size insoles from some XI Nike Ids and they did fit perfectly only problem was that the thickness difference did leave less room for your feet. They still fit fine but more snug, so if they already fit tight before then i wouldn't suggest switching them . Btw I use a Sz. 10
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    Who can ID these for me? What are these shoes?

    Air Jordan 1 Nike Sb collab
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    hottopic is having a store wide 25% off so they have some starting at 10$. beats paying reg price
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    The Game Of Navigation Vol. Wikipedia

    D1 journey Melanochromis simulans Aquarium The Mirage Love (Cirque du Soleil) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (song) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Album) D2 Journey Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Album) Rolling Stones List of people on the...
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    Which RB that played in the NFL recently had the best pure talent?

    5 Pages and no love for Shaun Alexander. Probably not the best but better than many if the names popping up on this list
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    E3 Swag FREE Giveaway!!! - Congratulations ROBPZEE612

    musashi the brave fencer ?
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    The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

    Does anybody know if Ixion Saga DT is over or are the planning on more episodes?
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    Niketalk, At What Age Did You Get Your License? Vol. Look Out Road!!!

    Had my first car when i was 17. Drove without a license till i was 19, didn't feel like ever taking the class required for it, then I was forced to when I got ticketed.
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    Clash Of Clans - Epic Combat Strategy Game for iOS & Android

    This Game is really addicting. Having only two workers slows the game down a lot thought.
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    A couple of week ago was buying some online gifts for family at finish line and well i wanted to use that 25 of 125 coupon so i bought the air flight ones for 70 bucks. Got the package double boxed like always, the shipping box was perfect no abuse at all, but when i opened the box the shoe box...
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    The return of the original T-Mac?! Vol. They're back!

    Looks like all these have come out since this last thread has been last updated. Really like the black/red but ill wait and see if they go on sale.
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    AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO - BLACK/WHITE/RED - 130690-001 - CONFIRMED 4/2012 has several sizes available
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    :::Official Air Jordan IV Retro "Cavs" release thread 5/12/12: NO BUYING, SELLING OR TRADING!::

    I didn't plan on getting them till i saw FutureDHughes pics. Went to check if there was still some left at my local mall and Footaction ended up having a couple sz. 10s left. I guess I lucked out, never thought i would walk in at 11 and they still have my size left. I really like the quality on...
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    Official Air Jordan IV white/cement release thread 2/18/12:::NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING:::

    I'm guessing all the snipes orders are stuck in transit mine been since the 24th
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    Official Air Jordan X "Chicago" release thread 1/21/12! No buying/selling/trading!

    Got lucky with Jimmy Jazz Got Confirmation at 11:07
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    Legit Check/Price Check on Bred 11s

    Wanted to know if they are real and what their worth due to scratches on the midsole. Owner claims that he has birds and that they were the ones to damage the shoes. Any help is appreciated. These should be the 2000 retros
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