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  1. mamazboi125

    Official Air Max 97 Thread

    My wife thanks you...
  2. mamazboi125

    Whats the craziest display of wealth you have ever seen vol .... $$$$$

    The timing couldnt have been worse for myself... travelling via Abu Dhabi to DFW next weekend, and am stuck with packing my macbook pro and other electronics in my checked baggage. About to bubble wrap the hell out of my gear, and hope for the best (more worried about tampering and/or theft than...
  3. mamazboi125

    Whats the craziest display of wealth you have ever seen vol .... $$$$$

    Lived in Dubai for two years, and crazy displays of wealth were an everyday occurrence there. The neighborhood we lived in (Al Safa 2) had a lot of wealthy families living there. One of the families built a 28-car garage at their McMansion. Oldest son went to ASD, and I would occasionally drop...
  4. mamazboi125

    B.G. Appreciation

    Much appreciated... Always loved his verse...
  5. mamazboi125

    Jordan CP3.X (10)

    I'm in for a discounted pair...
  6. mamazboi125

    The Official Nike LeBron 14 Thread. Retail $175

    Ditto, even though the 7s are a close second...
  7. mamazboi125

    :::[Official] San Francisco 49ers 2024 Offseason Thread [NFC CHAMPIONS]:::

    So frustrating right now...still keeping the faith though. Never thought I'd HOPE for the 9ers to just break even with an 8-8 record. 
  8. mamazboi125

    A conversation about North Africa

    Lived in Algeria for two years, and none of the people I interacted with identified as Arab, only North African and Berber. The country is an odd mix of African, French and Arab cultures.
  9. mamazboi125

    Official NT dad thread: can the dads get love

    My wife and kids live in Raleigh (I'm overseas), and my heart dropped when I heard about this. Glad everyone was OK.
  10. mamazboi125

    Official NT dad thread: can the dads get love

    My big boy... My little monster... And My baby girl...
  11. mamazboi125

    NT, Can You Drive Manual?? Vol. Baby Mama Appreciation

    Learned how to in 2009. Def not as hard as it seems.
  12. mamazboi125

    Stranger Things: Season4 in 2022? WTF

    Was already intrigued because of the trailer, def gonna check it out now.
  13. mamazboi125

    Need help from NT Fambilia vol: Messenger and backpack combo

    Most of their bags are bigger than what you need (Bike style is the smallest), but I highly recommend Deuter for anyone looking for a new backpack. 
  14. mamazboi125

    Celebrating my Mama

    Sorry for your loss Bro.
  15. mamazboi125

    The Cool Pictures Thread

    Took three days, but I finally looked at every page...hands down, the best thread on NT.
  16. mamazboi125

    Q-Tip: The Renaissance APPRECIATION

    Highly slept on. You and Shaka came up randomly on a playlist, had to repeat both. 
  17. mamazboi125

    Information Technology (IT)

    Best decision I could have made for my family and I. Get to travel the world and experience things I would have never been able to otherwise.
  18. mamazboi125

    Information Technology (IT)

    Happy to see other NT'ers flourishing in the IT field. As for me, I've been working for the Dept of State doing IT work going on 6 years. I can tell those looking to get their foot in the IT industry, don't stop the grind! I graduated from ECPI in 2004 and didnt get my first IT job until 2006...
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