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  1. paylessshoes

    Ransom slaps Joe Budden homeboy

    im still curious why some people aresaying Joe Budden is a lame? last i checked he didnt go on a multiple hour tirade condensed into 7 minutes on how Randsom is gay, girl got fff'ed, etc. I mean maybe you dudes are charmin type, but when dude says he wants to fight you and everything you stand...
  2. paylessshoes

    Napoleon Dynamite appreciation!

    this movie is absolutely magnificent. pure crack. This is one of those movies that i screen friends out of. If you can't rock with this movie, you'll probably never even begin to understand me.
  3. paylessshoes

    Why is everyone wearing tight jeans now?

    i wear my pants somewhat like that picture up there. Take in mind Iam 5'11, 150 lb's, so these fit my body Niketalk is outrageously homophobic, so anything that is even remotely close to being insuinuated with gaydom, they go into an insane panic and do anything toreaffirm their alpha male...
  4. paylessshoes

    Jim Jones and his goons stomp out Jay-Zs boy Ty Ty and Ne-Yo at Louis Vuitton store

    @ dudes thinking a fight between Jim Jones and Ne-Yo would make the news these n's are barely known on NT, why would a respectable news outlet cover this? what world do you dudes live in?
  5. paylessshoes

    Scene Girls Appreciation Thread - Vol. V

    I was just stating that the majority of NT'ers can't get into girls like this while they get into Jay leno type looking girls with a large backside, soits all relative with dudes who like girls like this. ( I appreciate large backside girls as well) ugly is ugly. you sir are right and those...
  6. paylessshoes

    Scene Girls Appreciation Thread - Vol. V

    This is a thankless job OP, There's only about 7 of us who like girls like this. Everyone else likes lame stretch marked butts with admittedlydisgusting faces I'm too old for these girls and i know prefer indie $$!#+#.
  7. paylessshoes

    *** Fellas: Has a shorty ever asked YOU for YOUR number? ***

    It's really the only way i get numbers horrible habit if the P is just thrown at you from an early age, you become lazy and approaching girl inept "Next thing I know she asking me which team I bat for, as if she so badd the ONLY reason I ain't jump is because I was gay or something. "...
  8. paylessshoes

    Soo..Soulja Boy and Charles Hamilton are thowing comments against each other...

    "maybe you need to stop ffff'n with sonic and ffff with mario...maybe get you a mushroom or something..waga waga WAGUP"
  9. paylessshoes

    VIDEO: Kid Cudi - Day N Nite

    Is this what's hot in the streets? This is the dude who is the future of hip-hop? this is one of the dudes who has the NT music forum on smash?
  10. paylessshoes

    MTV True Life: I'm in a Love Triangle...dude was pathetic

    at this entire episode You see his whip? Fourstar clothing? his fake texturizer curls? chain belts? Huge star earrings? the fake chains? Him crying in the car and then i see dude rockin a twin sized bed "Lazar: I know you still have feeling for me Alyssa: No, I'm alright" CLASSIC True Life
  11. paylessshoes

    Official Black Friday Sales Thread..Post Pics of your steals

    Any Tv's bigger than 32 going for good prices on the internet? looking for at least 37" and im willing to spend about 550-575
  12. paylessshoes

    List your favorite books.

    "I never understood the point in reading for entertainment... I only read for knowledge." If you are reading a good book, you should be getting both. i.e. Animal Farm & books sometimes are able to convey things that Television and Movies could not possibly do
  13. paylessshoes


    Welcome to Fremont/Hayward/San Leandro/Union City/Newark/Daly City, CA circa 2005-2006
  14. paylessshoes

    If there was a WET...

    ^ Im saying Seriously, Not condoning what BET is currently ( pure trash and owned/Operated by WHITE PEOPLE) is different from not condoning a Black Television Channel initself. I do not think BET benefits Black people, but i definitely see a need for a Television Channel that can cater to...
  15. paylessshoes

    If there was a WET...

    Once again...This topic comes up and someone who has no idea what he's talking about once again, makes it. this cat iBlink is a sellout
  16. paylessshoes

    Best/Favorite Non-Rap/R&B of 2008..So Far..

    Ive fallen off since about august, so im wondering what else was worth picking up.. that Bloc Party was trash, havent listened to that wolf parade, oasis,didnt feel that fleet foxes yet, or that TV on the Radio These stayed in rotation and that m83 was pure fire
  17. paylessshoes

    Roseanne Barr calls Blacks "Ignorant" and "Bigoted"

    Oh, You, Well your a racist so everything you say doesnt really matter. Im just waiting for you to slip up and call someone a N or a monkey or any other epithet you've been so eager to use on here im sure because that's how you probably refer to them in real life amongst your friends, so i...
  18. paylessshoes

    ☆☆☆ - JT > Usher - ☆☆☆

    yeah because comparing two r&B artist who cater to women isnt homosexual enough If i Had purchased either album, (which i did not because, who bough music after 2001?) i wouldnt care because Confessions took over the world is what isaying. Contemporary R&B is for females anyway in my...
  19. paylessshoes

    ☆☆☆ - JT > Usher - ☆☆☆

    Justin Wouldn't even say that either of his albums are better than Confessions. That wasn't an album, that was a movement. As far as JT being being better than Usher, well i don't really care.
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