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  1. south hills high

    Official White/Cement Spiz'ike Post!

  2. south hills high

    air max 90 shoe lace sizing

    hey guys like the subject says what is the size of the laces cause im going to buy a couple of pairs and put some new laces on it and there going to be my first pair thank you SELLING SIZE 14 FLIPS VVVVVVVVNDS
  3. south hills high

    OFFICIAL Hypebeasts Thread

    :rollin :rollin :rollin G-UNOT
  4. south hills high

    LS releases no longer go above size 13 ?!

    watch if you go on ebay there will be a wave of them going on there it always happen because i have size 14 grapes and they were ls :D G-UNOT
  5. south hills high


    i love this shirt!!!!! 1 2 3 4 5 G-UNOT
  6. south hills high

    OFFICIAL Hypebeasts Thread

    i thought this was the funniest stuff ever :rollin G-UNOT
  7. south hills high

    the hundreds????

    okay i am having the toughest time finding the hours for the store in la off of fairfax! :{ please help :D i went to the main website theres nothing on the site for that store! i cant even find a number! anyone have the number? G-UNOT
  8. south hills high

    Summer time = Great Ebay Pick ups

    bmps for 197 shipped saved enough for me :D :lol G-UNOT
  9. south hills high

    dunk exchange?

    hey nters one of my friends told me theres going to be one in longbeach and i cant find any info on it and my friends wont send it to me and i dont really thin there is one :{ please help G-UNOT
  10. south hills high

    im looken for a new shoe insert for basketball shoes????

    hey guys im pretty sure this is the rite place to ask this question and my question is which shoe insert have you used for baskeball????? thanks G-UNOT
  11. south hills high

    ***Official Air Jordan XI Low Release Post 6/30/07***

    saw them at finishline on display already and there wack :{ the material is so cheap such an easy pass even though i dont have money :lol G-UNOT
  12. south hills high

    looken for a tag pic?

    AWSOME :eek :eek :eek G-UNOT
  13. south hills high

    looken for a tag pic?

    no im looken for the jordan one but i like this one too^^^^ G-UNOT
  14. south hills high

    looken for a tag pic?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^is this a joke or the pic isnt working for real :{ G-UNOT
  15. south hills high

    looken for a tag pic?

    anyone i really want one pleazzzzzzzzz G-UNOT
  16. south hills high

    looken for a tag pic?

    ive seen some guys make there tags for when they take pics of there shoes look like the shoe sticker thats on the jordan boxes and wanted it :D so can anyone help thankyou im prety positive this was the rite place G-UNOT
  17. south hills high

    Post Your Grails

    these are the ones i own :( G-UNOT
  18. south hills high

    kixsource June 9th raffling PS 3 and BMP

    o went around 2:40 and was aight i was expecting more but it was worth going wish they had my size(14) :( G-UNOT
  19. south hills high

    Official Jordan Spiz'ike Online package post!

    heres my opion on these shoes if you are a true jordan shoe head you will not cop these and save your money for something better! what a disgrace :{ G-UNOT
  20. south hills high

    ***Official Jordan Spiz'ike White/True Blue 4/28 Post***

    hey does anyone know if they are going to be put on the eastbay website or do i have to call to order i need to know because all the spots i know are not getting them in my size (14) G-UNOT
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