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  1. unphased4

    NT..WHATS THE......

    I was agreeing with her "Your mom does have a nice behind." She was saying eyes not donkey
  2. unphased4

    Mazda 6 - looking to buy

    4 year 50,000 miles.
  3. unphased4

    Co-workers: you smash or not?

    It does get mad awkward. I made this one girl change departments and I think word got to her BF but hes not man enough to confront me about it.
  4. unphased4

    Krispy Kreme's facebook (vol. you gotta be kidding me)

    I don't see what the fuss is about. I would just take the dozen to work every week if i won.
  5. unphased4

    Stay/get back in shape...Vol: Motivation

    arent dips bad for your rotator cuffs and to the dude who had 250g protein in 1000calories LMK the recipes what brand For bigger triceps do military presses.
  6. unphased4

    Anybody here know where i can buy a jacket like this?

    H&M had a plain all black one last time i checked.
  7. unphased4

    Stay/get back in shape...Vol: Motivation

    Congrats on the loss. I'm sure you feel much better. I was a little more than where you were at and I'm at 223 now. My goal is 195. Were you a runner prior to hitting 232? The only time I will run is on the court and thats a hindrance to my plan. Thanks. I feel like a completely new...
  8. unphased4

    Cliche responses on NT that are annoying

    Sounds like your mad cuz im stylin on ya. Plus the cal is on me
  9. unphased4

    Mazda 6 - looking to buy

    I have an 05 4 cylinder. I love this thing. It handles great and many prefer the four over the six cylinder for that reason. Ive driven my friends 6 cylinderand honestly it feels a bit too heavy. The gas tank is 15 gallons I believe and I drive 32 miles 6 times a week and fill it up once a week...
  10. unphased4

    Stay/get back in shape...Vol: Motivation

    Just got back from the gym. Ran 8 miles in 75 min. I used to weigh 232 and I've dropped down to 172 in about 10 months. Here's a motivational poem Ifound on To Lift or Not to Lift You?re pumped after a couple of warm-up sets You feel the blood flowing throughout your body at an increased...
  11. unphased4

    Honestly who lets all these horrible TV shows on air...

    Only mtv show I've watched and caught my attention was the one where hot girls are dating douches. Only reason I was interested was to take notes.
  12. unphased4

    so is The Hangover and Superbad the most overrated comedies ever?

    Superbad got stale half way through the movie. Hang over is a classic.
  13. unphased4


    Space mountain or indiana jones
  14. unphased4

    Stay/get back in shape...Vol: Motivation

    If your seeing results you're probably burning more fat than you're gaining muscle. Which isn't a bad thing at all
  15. unphased4

    Under 5'6" guys, do you have a hard time baggin the females

    im around 5'5 and 5'6. Its hard to find a relationship but easy to find the jump offs.
  16. unphased4

    in a way, everyone pays for sex, real talk

    Nothing in life is free homie. It'll either cost you time, money, or energy.
  17. unphased4

    Stay/get back in shape...Vol: Motivation

    I drink regular muscle milk when I hit up the gym and muscle milk light when I have a day off from working out. Your muscles are still recoveringand you need that protein to rebuild em.
  18. unphased4

    Who's not having a BBQ and is staying home today?

    Working till 11. Then Im going to a kickback at my friends place. So no BBQ just BOOZE.
  19. unphased4

    How your summer going guys?

    -been to a bunch of random parties -got a six flags season pass, going again tomorrow -found motivation to go to the gym again -Met a few celebrities at work. Derek Fisher, The Game, Chuck Norris etc. -Been working solid 40 hrs a week at work but I didn't receive my check today. working the...
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