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  1. bgl2687

    Official Starter Jacket Discussion Thread

    Still got all my old starter joints from the early 90s in my parents garage somewhere.
  2. bgl2687

    The Timepiece Thread vol: READ THE 1st POST!!!

    Haven't been on NT for a good minute, glad to see you're still doing well RFX. That GMT II is mean:smokin. That's what I'm looking to get this year, but waiting on a good deal or waiting on my buddy to get tired of it. Also want a stainless steel Yachtmaster II, but I know servicing won't be...
  3. bgl2687

    Fashion Trends in Your City

    instagram ran the high end thing to the ground. Seems like people buy things just to "flex" on instagram now.
  4. bgl2687

    The Addiction Thread

    the white :{
  5. bgl2687

    The Spending money on foolish things Thread

  6. bgl2687

    New Laptop Time.

    lenovo y500 has a removable gpu slot.
  7. bgl2687

    NT Bros..Vote for my friend Regina!!

    stitch me up op...I can have the top floor penthouse suite at thunder valley ready by tonight
  8. bgl2687


    you could have been gave me the line and I could have been bought you 100 Louis beanies :lol
  9. bgl2687

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    :smokin the cut is one of my favs...that wagyu straight from japan.
  10. bgl2687


    theyre called nato straps..just google and look for cheapest price.
  11. bgl2687


    :lol majority of NT were still in diapers around that time.
  12. bgl2687

    2 Chainz Robbed at Gunpoint, Shots Fired

    news travels fast through the internet.someone can just post on twitter that they saw whatever rapper down whatever street, but it used to happen in SF all the time. Dudes would get stuck up in hp broad day.
  13. bgl2687

    What kind of lighter do you use?

    free.99 :smokin
  14. bgl2687

    What kind of lighter do you use?

    st. dupont
  15. bgl2687

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    yes..cereal. my casino host is cool as hell. As long as I give him decent play for my stay he doesn't care.
  16. bgl2687

    Has collecting/buying sneakers turned into a rich person hobby?

    instagram rruined everything...its the same with high end shoes also. I gave up because I don't like to wait in line or have to go out of my way to buy something. I also don't like to pay over retail regardless if I have disposable income or not. Back then I can walk into barneys buy red...
  17. bgl2687

    Money Mayweather bets $5.9 million on the Heat tonight

    I don't know how high they would bump the stakes for whales in the sportsbook, but on table games I've seen table max at 300k.
  18. bgl2687

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    son I holler at you if I get out there the same time..I usually take random one day trips tho. I'll have 2 pros comped for us :lol
  19. bgl2687

    Is the smell of raw marijuana bad for you? (Serious question)

    only if its bammer..if its cookies its great for you
  20. bgl2687

    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

    :lol just woke up and this thread made my day. Thx guiseee
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