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  1. reigndrop

    bottle service : greatest hustle ever?

    You're simply paying for sex and status. Now whether the price tag is worth it or not is up to you to decide.
  2. reigndrop

    NT'ers with MBA's. Come in.

    If you get into two out of M7, that's hardly discouraging, imo.   People need to think of it this way, if you go to M7, you can basically do anything business related just about anywhere.  Outside of that, it gets more specialized i.e. if you want to do P/E or Banking, then Tuck or Stern...
  3. reigndrop

    NT'ers with MBA's. Come in.

  4. reigndrop

    NT'ers with MBA's. Come in.

    It's all relative what you're trying to do. I was double polic sci and econ major at Northwestern, graduated with a 3.7. I currently work in IB. I got into Booth a couple years ago (700+ gmat), but deferred and eventually just abandoned it to get my CFA instead. The CFA is useful if you...
  5. reigndrop

    Want to Change the World? Vol. KONY 2012

    Wasn't it only 31 cents out of every dollar donated to IC actually goes to the cause? Any by cause, I mean funding the other side to fight the LRA? Shady if you ask me.
  6. reigndrop

    I don't buy the jobs report (200k jobs added) vol. You LIE

    What you see and hear is the U-3 unemployment rate. What you're referring to is the U-6, which are people who have p/t jobs but seek f/t jobs. That rate is somewhere around 15%, which is a better indicator of real unemployment in this country.
  7. reigndrop

    Career Guidance - All questions answered! Vol: I'm tired of the negativity

    I can help anyway with advice that wants to go into finance, particularly WS. I'm an IB Associate at a BB, so shoot away any questions you have. I will not help you with internships, though.
  8. reigndrop

    FACEBOOK IPO filing Expected next week. 100B expected. Vol. Winklevoss twins commit that

    i'm prob gonna grab a few shares depending on ipo price... but me having to disclose will take me longer leading me to buy it at an inflated price. btw, i expect ms to left lead with a marketcap somewhere around 80-90 billion
  9. reigndrop

    Famous People That You/Your Family/Friends know...

    joe buck vikram chatwal mark sanchez a few people on the forbes list. these are all people that i personally know, or have met through friends
  10. reigndrop

    Any Golfers on NT?

    you'll be good with a soft bag.  get the club stiff arm, too and you'll be good
  11. reigndrop

    Any Golfers on NT?

    i refused to listen to you guys and got an r11 with a tp 55 blur. i'm killing it at the range, can't wait to use it on a course in teh summer. heard that new rbz 3w is a bomber, looking forward to trying it.
  12. reigndrop

    Stingiest things you've seen other people do?

    people who ignore tax and tip in huge groups
  13. reigndrop

    The Bears are so POOR.

    it hurts to watch this, i feel terrible as a bears fan
  14. reigndrop

    Buisness Casual...

    bus cas is usually slacks with button up for me. you can throw on a sweater/cardigan too. i stick to single cuffs as french cuffs would make the look too formal. khakis and a button on friday's are okay.
  15. reigndrop

    Accounting/Finance majors: It's recruiting season

    most banks are still holding info sessions. resume drop should be end of december/january and interviews won't actually start until then. it's going to be tough for the summer analyst class this year industry wide
  16. reigndrop

    anyone rock the windows classic desktop still?

    I do lol. I have the classic desktop with XP
  17. reigndrop

    Are you the 99% ? - Wallstreet Come Get It...

    this sounds about right
  18. reigndrop

    Breaking News , GADHAFI DEAD .....

    So YOU think that the Obama planned this assassination? I'd be cautious to believe these rebels.  Remember when they had Gadhafi's son locked up and the guy was on public radioairwaves the next day? yeah...
  19. reigndrop

    Edit: So we all just think Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is just stupid

    this won't be as much as a deathblow on the rich as it would on the poor. i'm republican and i think this plan is really dumb. tax revenues would drastically fall, there's no way growth would be fast enough for revenue to be equal what it is now. the tax is incredibly regressive, too. you...
  20. reigndrop

    Credit iis Overrated (vol. Focus on your bank account)

    AMEX Plat > cash. Love the rewards and services. Learn to manage your credit and reap the benefits of CCs.
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