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  1. brokeoffnikes

    In terms of who has made better music Jay-z or Kanye?

    ^^^ This. Me and my friend have been debating this quite some time and i personally would take Jay-z over Kanye any day without any hesitation. 
  2. brokeoffnikes

    *****The New Official Jordan 11"Space Jam" 09 Thread ! Vol: No Bs Please !*****

    I think they raised the price cause its 170 euros which is like 250 usd
  3. brokeoffnikes

    Why are Nike Wii Air Force 2s so cheap?

    Why are these shoes so cheap? imo their a really nice shoe with nice looking quality and from what i heard their somewhat limited. I thought they would atleast be worth more than 110 dollars.
  4. brokeoffnikes

    Haircut spots in davis/sac???

    skills at famous fades i believe is a niketalker. but yeah famous fades is good.
  5. brokeoffnikes


    hey niketalk i just wanna know if jumpsoles are the real deal. ive heard you can gain anything from 5-10 inches but ive also heard its not that helpful. alsoare strength shoes better than jumpsoles? thanks!
  6. brokeoffnikes

    Mexico Uruguay Game got a little out of hand....

    lol one of the people in the team staff was hitting people with chairs too.
  7. brokeoffnikes

    price check on size 13 cement 4s, size 13 white cement 3s and fire red 5s

    the come with everything except retro card they come with everything their size 13 thanks!
  8. brokeoffnikes

    Best Khaki Shorts - NO CARGO

    do polo shorts run small in terms of length?
  9. brokeoffnikes

    Price check on vnds oreo 4s size 13

    seriously? i thought they would at least be in the 190 range
  10. brokeoffnikes

    Price check on vnds oreo 4s size 13

    they come with no box and dont tell me their legit cuz i already know they are. thanks in advance
  11. brokeoffnikes

    lc/pc on wheat 13's and true blue spizikes

    both spizikes will probably run for at least 115 each without lacelocks and box.
  12. brokeoffnikes

    Price check on size 13 space jam 11s and size 13 grape 5s

    do you know exactly how much they would be if they were seaglowed alot to be really icy?
  13. brokeoffnikes

    Theme parks appreciation VOL. Great America

    is this the one in san jose. If so it is def appreciated cuz right now there are like literally no lines for the rides.
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