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  1. waveyjoneslocker

    shorty hit me up on facebook

    You lost for being friends with that beast
  2. waveyjoneslocker

    FREE STEAK! Outback giving away 1,000,000 steaks! Get yours!

    They're out in both of the areas I checked
  3. waveyjoneslocker

    eBay help! Vol. Their accusing me of being a deadbeat seller w/ multiple accts!

    Oh wow  They have you in a catch-22 It's not your account, but the only way you would be able to unrestrict your own is if it was. I shouldn't laugh, I've had to deal with paypal's shiestyness too.
  4. waveyjoneslocker

    26seconds "Come AT ME BRO"

    Bynum is white and he's somewhere in Europe
  5. waveyjoneslocker

    ***Anyone experienced losing something (gadgets, cellphones, etc.)...but you do not know how?

    Craziest thing happened last week when I lost my ipod touch. -  Put ipod on top of car and drive out of parking lot -  As I make a right, I hear a weird sound (I soon realize it was the ipod slipping off the car) -  Drive two blocks and understand what the sound was -  Turn around, get out my...
  6. waveyjoneslocker

    Where do you shop online for clothes?

    Karmaloop is your one stop shop for fresh2deffness.
  7. waveyjoneslocker

    Bigger Impact: Michael Jackson or J.K Rowling??

    He's conversing from his hindquarters.  How do you know that THEY don't know what his accomplishments are?   And did you do a SN check of pre and post MJ death?  If not, see my first sentence. As for the dingbat of an OP who birthed this thread.....
  8. waveyjoneslocker

    Waiting until the last minute to register for classes UNAPPRECIATION.

    Priority registration I've only signed up for 3 classes this coming fall semester I'm just gonna crash the rest.
  9. waveyjoneslocker

    In England Whites have become Blacks.. Is this guy racist?

    @ the thought of Jamaican culture over-running England. Even if that was true, that's their just desserts for taking over over half the world. He says "whites have become black" and black is defined as "a particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture."
  10. waveyjoneslocker

    Yo NT I'm leaving Sunday on a cross-country motorcycle trip: Recommend me some %*%! to do!

    Your name is my favorite phrase. Tucson summit?
  11. waveyjoneslocker

    Famous Dubstep song identification Vol. 2

    I don't think so, But I can't be certain. Joe Camel - I got that in the last thread , but someone eventually found the song I wanted.
  12. waveyjoneslocker

    Anyone got family in pro sports?

    But who was phone? I mean, OP?
  13. waveyjoneslocker

    Famous Dubstep song identification Vol. 2

    Hey NT.  A few months ago (or years I don't remember very well) I made a thread where I spelled out how I thought a song sounded, and one person was able to name the song (to my intense personal happiness).  At the risk of great ignomnity, I will attempt to do it again, because I really need to...
  14. waveyjoneslocker

    NT, how do i ask out my Vet?

    Tell her you have a one-eyed anaconda that needs medical attention.
  15. waveyjoneslocker


    OP you know he goes ham on his meat thinking about you every night, right?
  16. waveyjoneslocker

    Who is "Hugh Jones"? Get this man to the NBA!

    Dude has a sweet stroke. pause
  17. waveyjoneslocker

    Who is "Hugh Jones"? Get this man to the NBA!

    Dude has a sweet stroke. pause
  18. waveyjoneslocker

    NFL/NBA/MLB/NCAA Jerseys

    What size/team is your Mutumbo? I'm only interested in NBA jerseys, all the other ones fit kinda weird Still looking for a Arenas Bullets jersey (), Kemp, Mutumbo Hawks, Hill Pistons, maybe even a kobe 8.  (Size 48-52)
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