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  1. salvi650

    Reverse hgg 13s

    Here we go... can we just get playoffs please! Those reverse taxi 12s are nice tho
  2. salvi650

    Suede 11 low

    Didn't see a thread for these. Lock if there is already. Anyone have any info on these? I think they're so freaking dope!
  3. salvi650

    Legit check playoff 12s

  4. salvi650

    Legit check grape/fresh Prince 5s

    Need a legit check on these. Got them from stockx but you never know. Thanks
  5. salvi650

    rumored og military blue 4s 2019

    1 of these rumors can' be true. bc4s, fr4s and now militaries. love that shade of blue and would definitely pick up a pair if they were made like the wc. imo militaries over true blues all day
  6. salvi650

    orlando 10s 12/8/2018

    don't know how legit the source is but really posting to see if anyone got info on these. seems strange for jb to release these instead of other pairs out of the city pack since we just got powder blues a few years ago. would absolutely love remastered Seattle's and Sacramento's
  7. salvi650

    Legit check 2017 royals

  8. salvi650

    2016 banned 1s legit check

    Thanks and reps to anyone who helps
  9. salvi650

    og black cement /bred 4s 2017

    Didn't see a thread.
  10. salvi650

    legit check banned 1s

    Thanks and reps to all who help
  11. salvi650

    gamma 11 legit check

    Legit checking for my buddy. Thanks and as always reps for anyone who can help out
  12. salvi650

    what recent retro + cws will eventually return?

    Was talking to my lil cousin yesterday and while he was in the 6th grade got his first pair of js. They were venom 10s. To him these are absolute grails and you can't tell him otherwise. He told me he will cop a pair every time they retro, which I highly doubt they ever will. This got me...
  13. salvi650

    space jam legit and price check

    Thanks and reps for all who help. I appreciate it
  14. salvi650

    legit check playoff 13s

    Need these checked out please and thanks... reps for any info
  15. salvi650

    custom bred 3s

    Got a pair of crimson 3s I wanna customize into breds. Can I use paint on the elephant print and if so what kind of black paint? And what color red should I use? This will be my first custom so any info or tips would be appreciated
  16. salvi650

    price check on.anniversary 4s

    Posting for a friend so no pics but they are 8.5 condition with a couple creases
  17. salvi650


    Is this site legit?
  18. salvi650

    concord low legit check

    The cut of patent leather below the tongue and laces has a very odd cut and looks way off. thanks and reps to anyone who helps.
  19. salvi650

    legit check concord lows

    The cut of the patent leather below the tongue and laces looks off... never seen a pair of 11s cut with that shape. thanks and reps to anyone who helps
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