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    Legit Check on UNC Patent Leather please

    It does seem to vary depending on size for Women pair's. Not sure what size your pair is, you didn't provided the photo of the size tag that I asked for. This is a retail 7.5 that looks like your pair also, it has the pebbled texture and the swoosh tip is different then my pair: My pair is a...
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    legit check jordan 1 roty

    These are 100% fake The swoosh shape is off and it looks a bit thick. The color is a bit too light. They did not come with that color for the laces, it should have been red and black only. The logo on the bottom soles is not right, its too spaced out and the texture is wrong. Japanese pairs do...
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    Legit Check on UNC Patent Leather please

    How much did you pay for them? Get some better photos Of the sides The text on the tongue The bottom logo, both shoes Logo on the insole Also get a picture of the size tag and the box label
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    Legit check on these Travis scott

    Probably around $100. They are fake. The swoosh shape is off. The red laces don't look waxed. The shoes are not tied correctly as they should be from Nike.
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    NEED HELP! LC Shattered Backboard OG Please!

    They are 100% fake. The insole design is wrong. Wrong production code. Shape is off a bit. The swoosh looks like it curves too much at the tip.
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    These look good to me also, They are authentic.
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    LC needed for Bred toes 1 !

    What I can see in the small details looks correct to me. These are authentic.
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    L/C on a 2016 Bred/Banned Jordan 1

    They are fake. The tongue tag is off. Leather does not look good. Photos are not great, but the shape is looking off on the back. The production code is wrong, the last digit in that code should be a '5', not a '3' for pairs made on 4/13/16. Not my photos, but this album is how an authentic...
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    LC needed for Bred toes 1 !

    Looks good, but I need some better photos to be sure. Take a Clear photo of the tongue tag, your picture is too blurry. Here is a photo I took a while back of my pair: Ideally take the picture like this one: The bottom logos should be in separate close ups like so: You don’t need to...
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    Jordan 1 union black toe

    They are fake. The swoosh is the wrong shape. The blue stitching should be closer together in some areas, like near the lace holes, on your pair its too far apart. The wings logo is a bit small. The logo on the bottom sole is not placed correctly. The print on the box is not as good quality as...
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    LC needed for Bred toes 1 !

    They look authentic so far. Get close-up photos of the logos on the tongue, the insoles and both bottom soles. I also want to see clear close-ups of the text on the back of the tongue tag, the size tag, the size sticker on the insoles, and the box label.
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    Jordan 1 Banned/Bred Legit Check

    They are fake. Swoosh is the wrong shape. The perforations on the toe box should be black on the inside, not white like this pair. Buying locally has a very good chance of being scammed and not getting your money back. Hopefully you were able to return your pair of Chicago's. I would avoid local...
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    Trav Jordan 1 high legit check

    They are fake. The tongue tag is wrong. The font on the size sticker is not correct. The swoosh is off. Typical size tag of a fake.
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    Jordan 1 Chicago 2015 Legit Check

    They are 100% fake. The font on the tongue is the newer type of font. Shoes like Fragments, SBB, Chicago's, and UNC's have an older type of tongue tag that is not the same as the newer releases. The most obvious difference was that the older type of tongue tags did not have the Registered...
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    Legit Check Jordan 1 Royal 2013

    They are fake. The shoe has widow peaks. The tongue and size tag are wrong. Swoosh is off.
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    These are fake. Every sneaker that you have posted so far has been obviously fake, in my opinion. I think you need to go back and learn how the actual shoes look like first, go look at them in-person if you can at a store. Also your budget may be too low, so almost all pairs you look at are...
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    Travis Scott Jordan 1 OG High LC

    You are good, these are 100% authentic. All the materials look good. All the logos are correct and in the right locations. The text and codes are correct. It seems to pass the UV test, but its something I don't really look for. The only thing odd was the label as already mentioned.
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    Travis scott 1 low Lc please

    Both logos on the back are off, they are fake for sure. Nike's logos don't look very good either, but they are much cleaner then what you got. Here is how they should look:
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    Travis scott 1 low Lc please

    I don't know too much about the lows, but these are fake in my opinion. The tongue tag is off from what I normally check in the High's and it should not be. The registered trademark symbol ® doesn't look like what I normally see. The laces on the shoe are not laced the way Nike does it, and...
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    I think these are authentic. The excess glue happens. These won’t have an MSRP on the tag because they are from the EU most likely since they are from that website. Sometimes the lace holes are not punched out well. The slits on the tongue of my pair was not cut out correctly for this colorway...
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