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  1. moderndarwin

    NT: Official Personal Finances Thread

    Maybe i’m old school but my wife and I have all joint accounts. There’s no more my money and her’s all our money and we both gotta decide how and when we spend it. That said maybe it works because she trusts me to handle the finances. Only context I give her is to keep her spending...
  2. moderndarwin

    how do you feel about da whole Hong Kong X China X NBA (and other US companies caught in middle) situation?

    Lebron is a hypocrite and so are the rest of us. He just gets more attention for it because he vocalized it. We all either directly or indirectly support something that we probably don’t agree with (morally) through our dollars and consumerism. Kobe’s probably gained more from Chinese...
  3. moderndarwin


    Maybe i’m just not that tech friendly but this new layout and release is trash. There’s about 4 other forum sites I use and this is the most weird jumble of stuff and sizes. Pics randomly pop up etc it’s simply not clean and text based. Real Gm for example is so easy on the eyes and simple to use.
  4. moderndarwin


    i’m just going to go out and say it - id rather have people be in danger (myself included) than have them shut the power down randomly. We’re just gonna let all the food in our fridge spoil. This makes life so hard for any families with young kids etc. I think we need a better alert system so...
  5. moderndarwin

    Home Buying & Real Estate Thread

    i want to buy land and build my own place. I don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere i’m juz saying id rather buy some land somewhere and get a very small very modern place built. Was thinking somewhere around Seattle or so.
  6. moderndarwin

    microsoft coming for the crown??????? MICROSOFT NEO and DUO late 2020

    Reasons I have an iphone 1. 10 year long group chat with 8 closest high school friends 2. Facetime with parents and relatives - nothing is easier That’s literally it. Phones are for communication and the people I communicate with all have iPhones so i’m stuck with it.
  7. moderndarwin

    the thread about nothing...

    just got tickets to Dubs Lakers preseason opener at the new Chase Center. $130 per ticket for nosebleeds lol. Worth it i guess to take wifey for her first b-ball experience and for the new arena. Hopefully some decent players play.
  8. moderndarwin

    the thread about nothing...

    My parents applied for low income housing at this new spot and got it. Paying $1,600 a month for a 1 bedroom instead of the market rate of$4,500 a month
  9. moderndarwin

    Official 2019 Boxing Thread: 10/26 - Prograis vs. Taylor DAZN, Shakur Stevenson vs. Joet Gonzalez ESPN+

    Very entertaining card. Was good to watch. Gotta day tho it truly is terrible that HBO boxing is over. I miss 24-7, Michael Buffer, and the overall entertainment value. This Fox PPV felt like such trash quality.
  10. moderndarwin

    TAY Spring / Summer '19: The Savage Retreat

    Sounds like you need to let girls hear that. They’re a lot more receptive of that message than you’d think. And the ones that aren’t....arent. Better to set the table early and eat the way you want.
  11. moderndarwin

    the thread about nothing...

    Dignity and becoming ostracized from society as a social pariah
  12. moderndarwin

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Bill Gates minidocuseries on Netflix is great. He’s a legitimate genius mixed with Kobe work ethic. Must be a nightmare to be around in his prime.
  13. moderndarwin

    What is the hardest thing about your job?

    Im also in accounting lol - didn’t realize NT was so deep. I only recently started at a new company as the revenue operations manager. Trying to get sales, sales ops, finance, accounting, commissions, partners, and services to agree on stuff is exhausting. People are naturally very self...
  14. moderndarwin

    Millennials on average are in 28k in Debt. VOL Credit Cards

    True - it’s a zero sum game. Somebody’s gotta spend for the rest of to make money
  15. moderndarwin

    Millennials on average are in 28k in Debt. VOL Credit Cards

    i don’t think 18-20 year olds should be allowed to have unsecured credit cards. Prepaid credit cards sure. We let them drown themseves in debt and go die for the country before we let them drink alcohol.
  16. moderndarwin

    Millennials on average are in 28k in Debt. VOL Credit Cards

    I wonder if there’s any correlation between credit card debt and being a fatty? It certainly did correlate for me and I was getting increasingly out of shape and my CC debt kept just going up. Earn > Spend Calories Out > Calories In Life’s so simple when you stop making excuses.
  17. moderndarwin

    Millennials on average are in 28k in Debt. VOL Credit Cards

    I was one of those. Had 27k in debt on credit cards on top of student loans. It’s truly a lack of not having long term thinking, being too smart about how cards work, and living a “fun” life. I actually didn’t buy any material things except 5k to fix the car out of necessity one time. Almost all...
  18. moderndarwin

    STAY/GET BACK IN SHAPE VOL 3.0 -- A New Niketalk = A New Thread

    I hit the gym this morning - best workout so far (20 minutes nonstop on the treadmill). Got a long way to get to you boys but it’s either day one or one day mentality.
  19. moderndarwin

    1 in 3 US families classified as 'working poor" but I disagree

    I’d definitely guess it was stolen “tech” but that’s somewhat tangent to the point. England became a superpower due to their superiority in steam infrastructure US became a superpower due to our superiority in rail and cars infrastructure Its looking like China or Germany may become the next...
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