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  1. baller b pepper

    Who else is watching The Real World.

    geg is funny.... to me, the other guys in the house are confused. "Dude...she's not that hot bruh" HAHAHA!!! THEN that other guy just switched focus on him and what he said, that's lame. lol. After bringing home some sluuttings
  2. baller b pepper

    NT I need those sore throat remedies Vol. ASAP!! **Update** Strep throat

    Cold-Eez works great. Zinc is a powerful vitamin to fight colds. find it at wal-mart near the coughdrops Buckley's should be good too... besides that, try gargling cayeene pepper and hot water
  3. baller b pepper


    idk...patience is a virtue =P If its something I can save on...I rather get it online. Plus I like having stuff sent to's like a mini Christmas for a day. Depends how desperate to get it
  4. baller b pepper

    Review Request:Tmac 6

    arent they only 15 onces? thats pretty decent and light... B-STARR . YOU AIN'T MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER I got leg fetish, shes has a rap fetish, shes natural and fresh, like the assets like lettucemyspaceSoundclick siteAudiri Music site
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