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  1. OneNightDan

    Star Wars Universe Thread, Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker 12/19/19

    Got opening night tickets at 5 PM with IMAX, & Dolby Digital with reserve seating. Tickets were $55, if I can get a $100 for them that’s a W. If not I’ll try to attend, I know everyone will be dressed up and stuff.
  2. OneNightDan

    Jordan Retro 10 Seattle - October 19th 2019

    I need to find some Chicago X’s, after today I’ll be 2/5 on the City Pack!
  3. OneNightDan

    Jordan Retro 10 Seattle - October 19th 2019

    Was hoping I had a $20 Reward stashed but only got a $10 for a recent b-day that passed. Oh well, buying either way. This purchase will put me over $200 for my next reward. I hope FNL lets me use it on the Holiday XI’s!
  4. OneNightDan

    The word ******

    Some Hispanic people might try to defend it, but it is definitely used as the N-Word but with Er. Mah-Yah-Te if you ever hear it you have every right to be offended, & I’d say throw hands.
  5. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Sometimes it’s better just to go ahead & cop.
  6. OneNightDan

    Jordan Retro 10 Seattle - October 19th 2019

    Probably won’t wear them any time soon, but definitely a shoe to wear on St.Patricks Day. Got my 8.5 on lock for Saturday. Manager said they only got 28 pairs. About two in each size, maybe they won’t be had that easily...?
  7. OneNightDan

    DC U? - Joker 10/04/19 - BoP 2/7/20 - WW2 6/5/20 - Batman 6/25/21 - SS2 8/6/21 - JOKER OUT NOW

    Went to watch it with my girl at 7:30, would rate this the best Joker after Heath. Two different films, it’s like night & day in a good way. Really liked the groove of the 70’s/80’s or whatever year they were in. Gave the film a different feel. I would say though, those that deal with mental...
  8. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Exactly bro, that’s how I felt from the moment I opened them up. I know customer service will give me a “Well you can return/exchange them or keep them & ****!” Looked every where, only sizes 17.0/18.0 are left. I don’t have any extra boxes to stash them in either.
  9. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    I’ve been a member here for a good while, never bothered anyone, or tried to be a troll. But yo, wth is this fam? Didn’t even get a Jordan Box, no explanation or anything. Not looking for a major discount but anyone have any luck with FTL giving a reward or something? Won’t wear the box, but...
  10. OneNightDan

    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone 11 out now.

    Dude, IG/FB tells it all. Everyone still has the 8+, or lower. Maybe seen a few X’s, only seen one XI so far. All the baddies still have 7’s/8’s don’t let them press y’all!
  11. OneNightDan

    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone 11 out now.

    Got the Regular X when it first came out, paid it off earlier this year. Not a single scratch, still in great condition. Keeping it until it goes out on me. Should be any day now since Apple has that kill switch! :nerd: Just kidding, trying to stop being a consumer & live the debt free life.
  12. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

  13. OneNightDan

    Official 2019 Boxing Thread: 10/26 - Prograis vs. Taylor DAZN, Shakur Stevenson vs. Joet Gonzalez ESPN+

    Who has the upper hand in the Spence/Porter fight? I’m naturally a Spence fan ‘cause he’s from Dallas. So, of course I have some bias.
  14. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Not even the size I ordered lol Hope I get the right shoe!
  15. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Got through on FTL, I guess keeping my pair depends on how the quality comes out & if I feel them in person. If not they’re going back.
  16. OneNightDan

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Everyone using the FTL app or online?
  17. OneNightDan

    Air Jordan 3 “Knicks” September 7, 2019

    Not crazy on the blue, but if I could paint the blue parts black this would be a dope Halloween shoe.
  18. OneNightDan


    Still have mine un-worn, wish I would have kept my Black Toes DS. They’re going for almost a $1,000 on Stock X. Oh well, I enjoy them in my collection!
  19. OneNightDan

    MARVEL C U Thread -* we love you 3000 STAN LEE *- Spidey Byke... for closure

    My girl is a huge Black Widow fan, cried heavy all three times she died, one for each viewing, she’s salty that Natasha didn’t get a funeral like Tony lol
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