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  1. veryanalytical85

    NT: NorCal Job Network Hub (potential growth)

    So in an effort to help folks out this year. I've decided to take a big step in helping people find jobs (as well as in all hopes) that this legwork will allow me to land a stable career of my own. Now granted I am not a professional "headhunter/recruiter" etc. I am not a LinkedIn, Monster...
  2. veryanalytical85

    Crazy New Technology Vol. Dyson Bladeless Fan

    So, according to Moore's law, technology is reaching new heights every two years. Consider it a late pass on my end, but when I saw the Dyson Bladeless Fan for the first time, mind was indeed . NT, share some findings on your end.
  3. veryanalytical85

    NT: Can you educate me on Turkish Women?

    So, I was watching this episode of No Reservations this morning and I stumble upon this cutie... Embed Fail:  (skip to 3:05) Got me..., needing a bit of Turkish coffee and what not. So, where I can find some of these nice and attractive females? Like which metropolitan areas would they be...
  4. veryanalytical85

    Best Dish(es) a Female ever made for you? Vol. Making Sandwiches

    Seeing as a lot of NT, still (were) winning in the relationship department. What was the best thing a chick ever made for you?  For me, it was making Fetuccine Alfredo from a box. It wasn't the greatest culinary thing, but it was the thought that counts (didn't know how to cook at the time), now...
  5. veryanalytical85

    Sex with Females Vol. Dry Holes

    Considering most of NT is winning at the moment. I thought this spot on and pretty funny after watching said clip:  Thoughts?
  6. veryanalytical85

    NT: Staying Positive Thread Vol. Good Vibes

    I'm hoping this will be an ongoing sticky in the future. It always helps to stay positive especially when going through some rough patches in life. So share some of your experiences and keep the good vibes alive: To start off, made a waitress laugh while she had a rough day dealing with...
  7. veryanalytical85

    Korean NTers: What's going on in Korea?

    I just read this article on yahoo this morning...
  8. veryanalytical85

    Happy Early Birthday to SoleWoman

    Don't know if there was already a thread for you but I'm sure you had a great one Gab. EDIT: Her actual birthday is tomorrow so I kind of jumped the gun.
  9. veryanalytical85

    Next Generation of Bboying (Break Dancing) Lil Demon

     This little kid is sick with it (only 8 or 9 years old I believe): (still have problems embedding, embed help is appreciated)
  10. veryanalytical85

    Scientific American: The Evolved Virtues of Human Semen

    Thought this was an interesting article some NT'ers would read.  It's kind of long (but I still suggest reading it) I'll provide the Cliff Notes after the hyperlink: http://www.scientificamer...olved-virtues-2010-09-22 Cliff Notes Smashing females raw and busting a nut (without a condom) gives...
  11. veryanalytical85

    New gym machine needs to be implemented

    Don't know if this is late but, they need to put these in the Gym sometime... Fricken, Yuku and there lack of the editing options .
  12. veryanalytical85

    NT (Possible late pass): AC360 Racial Study Bias on Black vs. White Skin Tones

    I know NT hates race threads, but I thought it would be interesting to here thoughts on this particular study and what it shed light on. I was at work and I began watching this Anderson Cooper segment when there was a bit of down time. A lot of it wasn't surprising (although there are few...
  13. veryanalytical85

    NT: Learn how to levitate: Vol. Dhalsim Exposed

    Welp, guess we all know why Yoga Teleporting isn't possible in the real world... EDIT: Embedding isn't working for me here's the link:
  14. veryanalytical85

    NT loves this stuff.. Another Teacher-Student Sex Scandal...(Possible Late Pass)

    Here's the link to the story... http://latimesblogs.latim...molesting-a-student.html Here's the copy and pasted version... A Burbank middle school teacher has been arrested for allegedly having unlawful sex with one of her students, police said Tuesday. Amy Beck, 33, surrendered at the...
  15. veryanalytical85

    NT Art Lovers: The Next European Monet Vol. Painting Ain't A Thang

    Young Kieron definitely has the potential... so what do you think? Link to article:
  16. veryanalytical85

    NT'ers, where have you travelled after graduating from College?

    I'm considering to teach English (or do volunteer work) abroad, so I've looked into a few programs. But name some noteworthy spots to travel to beforedoing (or returning in my case) the 9-5 full time shift, etc.
  17. veryanalytical85

    Secret Billionaires Meeting Vol. Conspiracy Theorists and/or Skeptics Come In

    So here's the link to the article... They say it's for Philanthropy, but some Conspiracy Theorists sites beg to differ. Personally, it can lead to all sorts of things, what do you thinkNT?
  18. veryanalytical85

    This Is Why You're Fat Vol. 9000 Heart Attacks

    So I might be given the NT late pass, but some of these food recipes are insane: The range of emotions I get are , when looking at some of these. Post your favorites.... Personally, I would try the peanut butter cookie dough batter deep fried and dipped in...
  19. veryanalytical85

    Jessica Gomes Appreciation Post Vol. Yes I'm Beasting

    Alright NT, hand me a late pass if it has been done. However, when I heard about this chick it was too good to be true. She's Singaporean and Portuguese. No I don't have pictures... Just Kidding...enjoy. The rest of the pictures are in HERE
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