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  1. Shanegerous


    Hey NT! I don’t post on here really anymore but remember when this was my most favorite site ever back in the day. Mike Vick jersey with the olympic 7s type days! Does anybody still remember that? anyways, I remember NT was a community that would help each other out when we would ask and...
  2. Shanegerous

    NT I need some help from the squad!

    i filmed a video from work with my nephews and niece and need as many people as I can to see it. You don’t ever really have to watch the video just click it so that it generates a view! It’s a short yogurt pop making video with kids, nothing too in depth haha I would really appreciate it :hat
  3. Shanegerous

    Hey NT I need your help!

    Edit: part 2 Hey NT I made a video for my work and need as many people as I can to watch it. It’s just a short pizza video. Please help me out and click on it to watch. Thanks so much guys!
  4. Shanegerous

    I went to Alaska in a man romper.....

    I just got back from my wife’s 10 year high school reunion in Juneau Alaska. That place is really beautiful. I made a 3 min video about my trip. Check it out if you are bored at work and yes......I put on a 4th of july inspired man romper...... the ladies loved it! :lol !
  5. Shanegerous

    My Honeymoon in Maui, (5 minute video)

    Sup niketalk! I recently got married in April and just took my honeymoon last week in Maui. My Wifes birthday is tomorrow....So I made this video for her as a present! Its 5 only watch it if you are bored :lol :lol :lol thanks guys !
  6. Shanegerous

    Help me win this contest NT!! (Electric Bike giveaway!)

    Just watch the video!! Thanks NT!
  7. Shanegerous

    Is niketalk dead?

    back in the day, this forum was full of non stop topics up to the minute on current news. Twitter before there was twitter. Now all I see are official threads throughout the first page with 40-50 pages. Any OGs visiting less and less? I love NT and hate to see it jump the shark but damn, it...
  8. Shanegerous

    Help with Wedding registry...Lol

  9. Shanegerous

    Conor Mcgregor before the fight vs Conor after the fight

    [Youtube Spam removed.]
  10. Shanegerous

    Watch my speech at my friends wedding!!

    ^^^^^ let me know what you think!
  11. Shanegerous

    Made a speech at my cousins wedding....Roasted the groom a little.

    So today I got back my speech I made last week at my cousins wedding. I thought I would share it with some people! Let me know what you think!
  12. Shanegerous

    NT recommend me some joggers....

    Like the title says I need some joggers for around the house/gym/grocery store. Bought some Nike ones online and they were way too baggy so I had to return them. Anybody recommend some form fitting joggers that they personally have bought online and like? Thanks!
  13. Shanegerous

    Proposal video to my girl in Paris! Pics of her sister for the beasts! Sorry if doesn't embed, I'm on my phone! So I've been on NT for over 10 years and although I don't post much anymore, I still visit the site very frequently. I recently took a trip to Paris with my girl of 8 years. The engagement was not only a...
  14. Shanegerous

    Niketalk help me with this NFL overtime scenario. $5 paypal for source

    So before you point me to the rules available on the site, the rule is a little vague. Me and my friends have been in a debate on what would end the game. Here's the scenario: NFL Overtime Question: If team A, on their first possession scores a field goal and team B, on the next...
  15. Shanegerous

    Grown niketalkers, help me invest.

    I need some ideas on how to invest 15k. What would you invest in? Thanks guys!
  16. Shanegerous

    Quick question. Help me with my laptop dilemma NT.

    I've asked this a couple times in the Mac thread and have gotten no response, so real quick: MacBook Pro 15 inch late 2013 512gb 16gb ram Or MacBook Pro 15 inch mid 2014 256 gb 16 go ram Both retina both in great condition. The 2014 is 100 bucks cheaper. More space and an older model or...
  17. Shanegerous

    NT help me with an argument: what burns more calories, swimming or the eliptical?

    I know that swimming is more of a full body workout and less pressure on your joints, but I always thought overall, you would burn more calories from being on an eliptical. I've tried researching the calorie comparison, but haven't really found a good place of reliable sources. Help me out...
  18. Shanegerous

    NT need advice on buying from stubhub

    I've only ever really used ticketmaster.... Baseball season is here so I am definitely planning to go to a bunch of games. Been looking at various websites and comparing prices. On stubhub, has anyone ever purchased tickets the day of the game? If so, can you really nab a steal since the seller...
  19. Shanegerous

    NT I know this is crazy but, recommend me some casual shoes.

    So I am 26 years old and am starting to upgrade my wardrobe from sneakers and Nikes and trying to dress more professional. For a site that is based on shoes but now days barely talks about it, can anyone on here recommend me a shoe I can buy online? Preferably a casual shoe that goes with jeans...
  20. Shanegerous

    Trip to portland- help me out NT

    I know I could post this in the regional thread but I've seen people get a lot more advice on their trips in general. I am visiting portland from Seattle for the weekend to hit up the nike employee store and go to a blazers game. My main question is where is the best place near the nightlife to...
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