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  1. wraith aka invincible

    What does it feel like being short?

    im 5'9 and wear a size 10. sucks it's like the first size to sell out
  2. wraith aka invincible

    NBA Prospects predict their 2K ratings.

    mkg probably like 74 davis 78
  3. wraith aka invincible

    Frozen Grapes

    try peeled graped and froze grapes theres a huge difference to me. taste and texture wise
  4. wraith aka invincible

    Yall using one towel every few days or a different towel everyday when showering?

    no thats why you place a towel on the floor also
  5. wraith aka invincible

    Official NCAA Football '13

    this game is worth 25$ to me
  6. wraith aka invincible

    the thread about nothing...

    the hail outside
  7. wraith aka invincible

    no jerkin june

    not true
  8. wraith aka invincible

    ROY JONES was a FOOL!

    my favorite boxer
  9. wraith aka invincible

    The day u lost ur Virginity ... Describe .......

    when i first got it in it was like a psychological barrier was broken, she had one of the most impressive bodies that i've ever encountered...i ended up faking it.
  10. wraith aka invincible

    You aint a NTer if...

    if you dont know what method mans username is on here.
  11. wraith aka invincible

    Post your EDC (everyday carry).

    where y'all going where yo don't need one?
  12. wraith aka invincible

    let this thread die (NYK)

    it's as though they were hellbent on having that group on the 1st team. 
  13. wraith aka invincible

    Do you feel any different after taking vitamins?

    aor is unsurpassable in this category
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