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  1. big fame one

    4th pick huh?

    So no MB, or Rose, but do you go Mayo maybe you go Love? Opinions? I mean lets just pretend Schultz' case is successful, and they ar e staying. Then whodo you take?
  2. big fame one


    Since there is only really 3 days left in this legislative session I felt more of you would read this this way. call 1-800-562-6000 (legislative hotline) tellthem they need to hear the new stadium proposal out this session Which ends Thursday at Midnight) and if they can't then they need to hold...
  3. big fame one

    Josh Brown gone and over 400k?

    So they made it official today we are looking for a kicker, the Hawks tried to make Josh the highest paid kicker in the NFL but he wanted 400k more. I knowthey hoped to get a deal done with Marcus so they could slap Josh with the franchise tag but I guess they decided that wasn't a go, and we...
  4. big fame one

    Anyone seen a movie at The Big Picture in Belltown?

    If so fill me in, I am going with a friend tomorrow and I don't know what to wear, if there is food or how this spot works. Anyone?
  5. big fame one

    I am sorry Shugaray....I

    but I hate Hawaii now. 35-28
  6. big fame one

    I have been pretty sick, and I may die tonight.....

    Thing is I have had a nasty, nasty cold. I have been living on soup and working 12 plus hours a day outside (rain sucks when you are sick) since we have had some injuries at work. So I went and bought a bunch of cans of soup and chili etc the other night since I knew I wouldn't have any time to...
  7. big fame one


    Anyone else go last night, or plan on it tonight or Sun? I went last night, was cool If you go get some Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout and get the Stranger beer. Mac n Jacks had a section and there was a ton of cuties, pics soon. I may go again tonight, but first I gotta work with a gnarly...
  8. big fame one

    any computer genius'?

    I am having some issues, and wondered if anyone is fairly informed, or if anyone would suggest a shop to take a laptop for some TLC Thanks EDIT: Heres the scenario, I got a bug, got rid of it, and then when I restarted my machine after getting rid of said bug it would freeze on the XP Log In...
  9. big fame one

    Anyone have a video of M's brawl the other night?

    Or have an idea where to go for it. I looked on the local newspapers sites and also on 950 kjrs site but had no luck. Thanks EDIT Found it on youtube. Team Pacific Northwest
  10. big fame one

    Anyone stop by the Kwik-E-Mart to see Apu?

    So Seattle is one of the cities that has a 7-11 converted to a Kwik-E-Mart carrying Buzz cola, Krusty-O's pink donuts and such. I stop by the location on Denny a lot when working but I am on vacation this week and besides whats the point if I can't get Duff beer. Anyone go? Team Pacific Northwest
  11. big fame one

    Anyone watch movies off their laptop on their TV?

    and if so can it be done without an svideo jack. It appears all I have to work with is usb, and firewire. Sorry I am no techie thanks to anyone with help. BFO's Lessons About the Internet: Lesson 1, if have a daughter, please do yourself a favor; NO WEBCAM! Team Pacific Northwest
  12. big fame one


    . Team Pacific Northwest
  13. big fame one

    Do old Fame a favor please. PRETTY PLEASE......

    I am an occasional contributor for a music blog. Today is the first time we have put an ad up and they WILL be looking closely at the number of views it gets. I think you see where I am going with this. If you read The Smoking Section, if you DL from us, or if you are just fealing charitable...
  14. big fame one


    hit me up sir Team Pacific Northwest
  15. big fame one

    Possible NTer sightings at Northgate, and Southvcenter today

    Well I say possible but of course we introduced ourselves and chatted. Funny thing though is now when you go to Southcenter for instance instead of maybe running into one person, you can see like 30 NTers. Pretty funny. No I didn't have to do the NT sign. Team Pacific Northwest
  16. big fame one

    BFO is NOT a Bears fan.

    Team Pacific Northwest
  17. big fame one

    I highly recommend champagne for breakfast.

    for what its worth. Team Negrodamus
  18. big fame one

    Where can I get Deion Branch's green reebok gloves?

    Any ideas? Seen em anywhere? Team Negrodamus
  19. big fame one

    UW handles WSU in Martin.

    Loving it, but I also know that if WSU wins next year and then like 34 more times straight they will finally have tied it up. hicks. Team Negrodamus
  20. big fame one

    Why isn't Borat playing at any good theaters in Seattle?

    This licks balls. Team Negrodamus
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