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  1. airjaded

    Does anyone have info on Dunk iD?

    I've been tinkering around with the templates and I am unsure of the quality on this new iteration of dunk id "premium". I Cant find anyone reviewing the quality of the denim twill or the leather on either the Hi or there a thread i'm missing? 
  2. airjaded

    Royal /volt Griffeys in Tampa?

    Just wanted to start a thread so people could be informed when these drop. Tired of calling around like a jerk.
  3. airjaded

    Bobbitos coming to south Fla?

    Specifically Tampa? Anyone know if Harold Penner is droppin these joints?
  4. airjaded

    When are the Huarache coming out?

    Haven't seen a post about the Huaraches in a minute..are they still coming out. I apologize if its been posted button isn't working so good. >>>MAYJUHTEAMMARVEL GO BUY SOME GEAR! Karmaloop Rep code:SZ5638 20% off!
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