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  1. religiouskickz

    The Official Andre Agassi shoes , clothing and add thread Vol 2

    does anyone know what size andre wore? i think i have a P.E. pair lying around getting extra crunchy. I've never seen another pair in its colorway.
  2. religiouskickz

    Official NikeTalk Fantasy Basketball Leagues Now Forming!

    lets rock... cali/bay area region- san jose
  3. religiouskickz

    Clubs/bars in LA

    aright guys sorry to be buggin...but im finally headin down south... anythin crackin this weekend...saturday night? I want to chill with the brown babies where they be at!! haha... real talk, whats there to hit up in la...dress code must be to a minimum...but not tall t minimum u know...let me...
  4. religiouskickz

    Clubs/bars in LA

    any club/bar events or shows goin on?
  5. religiouskickz

    Clubs/bars in LA

    hey coming down this weekend for friday/saturday... what are some good bars/clubs that play hip hop that don't really require a dress code... i don't want to go to some tall t club if yall feel me....thanks in advance
  6. religiouskickz

    Kanye Shoes at Summer Jam????

    yeah i agree with young easy. I actually have a pair of etnies in black... they look similar...mad comfy...but they don't strap like that
  7. religiouskickz

    PURIST San Francisco -Grand Opening-

    i think he met temple lounge...the one downtown i forgot on which street? correct me if im wrong... downtown sj is def lacking retail boutiques... nice to see shops springing up
  8. religiouskickz

    PURIST San Francisco -Grand Opening-

    hmmm... sounds interesting... any hints on location?
  9. religiouskickz


    wanted an 11... got a 11.5... im satisfied i guess
  10. religiouskickz


    congrats on the on-line swoop-age everyone... guess im going to have to tough it out on the mean streets of san jose-cali manana morning...haha
  11. religiouskickz

    best place to get shoes in Vegas

    yeah im goin down to vegas ono friday....addresses and locations would be appreciated White chicks really jock asian guys... its just a big undercover, confidential secret... spread the love
  12. religiouskickz

    Official NBA 2005-2006 Season Predictions

    for all u warriors fans... ill start off with a reasonable expectation... a .500 record... maybe the playoffs...maybe... if mark price suits up again... haha
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