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  1. pimpjobu

    air jordan x's og steel fakes- please say why there's fake

    plain and simple- won these on ebay and got them yesterday. got to admit they're pretty good fakes but fakes none the less. anyone who checks this out and replies state why they're fake. this will strengthen my dispute resolution case on ebay. let's see how good everyone is out there and see if...
  2. pimpjobu

    Which shoes do you wish jordan brand never retro'd?

    with all the retro's coming out left and right the past couple of years there's been some great ones but some others that just plained suck. whether it was the shape or materials or paint used on them we all have some gripe about it. for me it has to be the black/infared vi's that they shouldn't...
  3. pimpjobu

    smoke smell on thunder iv's

    i just copped a pair of thunder iv's off ebay the other day. when i got them they stunk like cigarettes! other than the smell these shoes were perfect. icleaned them up and febreze the shoes but it seems like the smell is still there. it's not as strong as it was when i first got them. so my...
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