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  1. pinnaster pinneped

    Seattle NT'ers... please help!!!

    Sup ya'lls! It's been a good minute since I've been on NT... but I was just wonderin if ya'lls can help an old timer out. Haha, i'll be hittin up Seattlesometime in mid February and wanted to know if ya'lls can fill me in on the places to hit up. Just the usual stuff... places to eat like local...
  2. pinnaster pinneped

    New York NT'ers please help...

    I'll be in NY for the 1st and was just wondering if ya'lls can help a fellow NT'er out.... Mainly just trying to pick everyones brains as to which is the best pizza spot to hit up, best hotdog joint, etc etc. Any good places ya'lls can recommend in little Italy or Chinatown? Haha I'm all...
  3. pinnaster pinneped

    Stockton NT'ers???

    sup ya'lls! Just wondering, are there any spots around the Stockton area? I know there are spots in the SF area but are there any boutiques or specialty shops within theStockton area or around there? I checked the sticky on top but since I'm not from Norcal I'm not really too familiar w/...
  4. pinnaster pinneped

    iKicks in Rowland Heights (Diamond Plaza)???

    Does anyone know that number of this new store called, iKicks? Its in the Diamond Plaza in Rowland Heights. They have these puma hitops for wmns and i'm trying to find out what they are called. :lol haha, unless you guys can just give me a list of retro puma hitops and I'll remember it...
  5. pinnaster pinneped

    Ilocano Taco???

    sup guys, just wondering what it is exactly and what is in it... Ilocano Taco: :D nya nya nya!!!
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