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  1. dmoney23444

    WTB Air Max 1 Anniversary size 12 Royal

    looking for a sz 12 in the anniversary Air Max 1 Royal. Any leads appreciated. Thanks!
  2. dmoney23444

    Air max 2009 attack pack DS sz 12.5

    DS sz 12.5 attack pack AM2009 $150 OBO
  3. dmoney23444

    Air max 95 sz 12.5 DS $175 OBO

    DS sz 12.5 $175 OBO
  4. dmoney23444

    indiglo 14- 8/13/16

    BLACK/white-vivid green White/black-oxidized green-legend blue Fall.
  5. dmoney23444

    Air Jordan XX9..another quiet sig release?

    2-3 weeks away from the event to debut the air Jordan xx9 (if u go by the early December debut of the xx8) and we have no news at all. I kinda like it this way, wish they could have done this in the past. Seems like it would be impossible to keep under wraps for so long these days. Atleast with...
  6. dmoney23444

    Post your Fab 5 albums of the decade (2000s)

    Post ur favorite 5....dont have to considered "classics" just albums that u loved. My 5 were tough but i came out with these....alot of memories here honorable mention were d12 devils night, kanyes college dropout and the mmlp interested to see what others have as their favorites.
  7. dmoney23444

    Got a question regarding paypal....selling kicks....

    Ok so ive been dealing with paypal for a few years now, today was the first time i have seen something like this. if someone could help me out id appreciateit. Ok so i post some shoes in the 10.5-11 B/S section, a guy emails me saying he wants the shoes, so i give him my paypal address, he...
  8. dmoney23444

    NT! Who remembers this? Dinosaucers FTW!!!!

    Ive been asking people the name of this show for the last couple years because i could never think of it, finally when i was on youtube i searched and came upwith this....This is def one of my favs growin up....Anybody else down with the dinosaucers????, i was born in '85....not sure what years...
  9. dmoney23444

    Zoom Lebron VII Little info....NO Pics!!!!

    Mods, if its already been posted lock it up and sorry.... The Zoom Lebron VII Will feature Flywire Technology and Max Air. MSRP: $160. Wht/Blk/Varsity Red- Oct Black/Black- Dec Just a little info i thought id share....
  10. dmoney23444

    Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans 1pm est 11/2 on FOX Lets get it!!!!

    The titans have proved week in and week out that they can pound the ball and play great defense. I think the pack can spread it out with 4 and 5 wr sets if james jones is back and cause problems for the titans, hopefully we can man up against the run cuzif not....they will keep running and...
  11. dmoney23444

    DMONEY23444's COLLECTION PICS............

    Its been awhile since ive posted my collection, ive sold alot but also bought alot in the last 2 years or so.....This is where im at now, Comments are welcome! PS. I feel sorry for people when they take collection pics, its really a workout! especially the ones with 100+ pairs....
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