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  1. don dela vega

    What is NT reading?

    Interested in what NTers are currently reading; novels, comics, etc.
  2. don dela vega

    Letting go of one DREAM to gamble on another?

    Anyone ever been in this type of situation? Last year I accomplished one of my biggest life dreams, grinded it out and made reality out of a vision. Even some of my own closes people thought it was just a mirage, doubted & tried downplaying behind my back about it. I proved a lot to others...
  3. don dela vega

    VICE Magazine

    anyone ever work or intern for them before? Thinking about applying to intern with Vice Japan, looking for some tips
  4. don dela vega

    Book Manuscript and Publishing

    Anyone ever write one and submit it for publishing?
  5. don dela vega


  6. don dela vega

    Final Cut Express 4

    Anyone coo at editing? Looking to utilize this program more, checked out some basic tutorial vids on youtube already so I get the basics.
  7. don dela vega

    Official Japan Thread: International Life

    Wutup guys, Going to be here for awhile so anyone looking to share or gain information about the life here, this is the thread to do it in. I'll be posting random pics here and there to let everyone see what it's like.
  8. don dela vega


    Can we get one? Which admins can make this happen? I'm a longtime NT member and just moved to Japan Wednesday. I can give people insight into the culture here and shoot them help when they want to cop something out here
  9. don dela vega

    What to do in Japan?

    what are coo places to shop at? what is the nightlife like? is baseball the only major sport out there? what is the hip hop scene like?
  10. don dela vega

    Self-Cut System 3 Way Mirror

    anyone have it or know how long shipping is? Have tried to contact them through the website but no response...
  11. don dela vega


    so was offered a job out in the Land Of The Rising Sun and will be out there by the end of July. I know it is real expensive and my job requires me to live off the military installation paying Yen rent. Just wanted to know some fellow NT'ers experience with living out there and does the...
  12. don dela vega

    Overseas Base Post Allowance Advice

    Just got a job at an overseas military base... wanted to know how to Post Allowance exactly works, anyone have some insight?
  13. don dela vega

    Travel to Morocco

    anyone have any experience with traveling out there?
  14. don dela vega

    Ball Python

    just got one as a pet.. what is the best way to keep the smelliness down and are they worth having as pets in the long run?
  15. don dela vega

    Best Online Sports Betting Site?

    anyone have suggestions, preferably for boxing
  16. don dela vega


    Anyone ever live out there on or off the base? What was it like and where's a coo place to get a fade?
  17. don dela vega

    Cover Letter tips anyone?

    anyone have crucial tips other than what ehow type sites give?
  18. don dela vega

    Zama-shi, Japan

    Any NTers live in the area?
  19. don dela vega

    Not close to blood family?

    anyone just not close to their family? Like parents, siblings, etc. for whatever reason? I know it varies between cultures and such but anyone just not too close to them?
  20. don dela vega

    Cool Nature Video

    some of my homies and a cool encounter with nature.
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