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  1. cthakid

    NT I got a car repo question ?

    What's going on? So basically my question is at what point does a car get repossessed ? I am currently 2 months behind due to financial issues I had to pay first. I get paid next Thursday 4-12(which ima pay in full) but I'm Woundering if I'm good til then or would they just take the car back...
  2. cthakid

    McDavid Hexpad pro?

    does anyone have hexpad pro from Mcdavid does it work is it worth the price for shorts and the top??? any help thanks. (ima be playing basketball with them by the way.)
  3. cthakid

    NT what's the most you lost at a casino??

    Couple weeks ago was playing blackjack and lost 300$ Not alot I've seen worse..(cause I work at a casino) but what's the most you've lost? My bad I thought I put $300 one had split aces against a 6 upcard got 11/9=20 and 11/8=19 dealer flips ace under 6 soft 17 dealer has to hit pulls a 4 = 21..
  4. cthakid

    Can some one do a custom for me need help

    whats up im looking to get my women Vs painted over any one who know how to paint for real not no i did one pair before some for real painters hit me up with your asking price and some pic of jobs you did thanks. I colord the pink parts a lil already as you can see from the...
  5. cthakid

    question about kobe and michael vick???

    ok so i was talking with girl friend about how i like to watch kobe play and she says "kobe's gay" and i say why? she says hes a ra*er and imlike yea he did it then it turns into why didnt nike drop kobe like they did with michael vick. So niketalk my question is this why is kobe still...
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