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  1. ratboy90

    Valentine's Day (not in a) Relationship help thread vol. Get me outta the friend zone

    Met this girl a couple weeks ago who goes to my college. She's good friends with one of my friends. We went to lunch together and then walked around town a bit. She dragged me into a clothing store and got me to put on this outfit(which I then bought). We came back to mine and on the way she was...
  2. ratboy90

    Help me find some new posters

    I'm in need a scenery change and need some new posters. What are some good ones?
  3. ratboy90

    Anne Hathaway pulls a Carey Mulligan

    I think this actually looks really good. Not like Emma Watson's chop chop
  4. ratboy90

    Would you have disagreed with a 1 hour 'Decision' show if LeBron had gone to the NYK/Nets/Bulls?

    Seeing a lot of people pissed at LeBron doing his whole marketing thing. I know I am. But would you have been as mad had he said I'm going to Chicago/Knicks/Nets?
  5. ratboy90

    College/University info and reputation east coast

    I'm in Germany but grew up in the States and I'm going to be studying in the States. So far I've been accepted to Syracuse, Ithaca College and UConn. There's only so much I can find out about on the web since I'm in Germany. I just want to know what the schools are known for in the US. I want...
  6. ratboy90

    What magazines do you subscribe to?

    None for me currently but I might go with a subscription to Esquire.
  7. ratboy90

    College experts: need some help on admissions

    I'm in Germany but applying to colleges in the US. I just need some help on telling me what kind of a chance I have based on my stats. Here in the EU Idon't have a counselor who could help me out with that. I'd like to do this over email, instant messages or PM cause there's a lot of info that...
  8. ratboy90

    Motivational/Pick-me-up music

    Does anybody have some good songs for motivation or to get me back up after a low point? Would be much appreciated
  9. ratboy90

    NT, help me find a good winter jacket

    I live in a place where it gets really cold. Snow and temperatures below freezing. Need a new jacket that holds up well and that lasts. Not something that Ihave switch out the following year because it doesn't keep me warm enough anymore. NT can help with anything so give me some tips.
  10. ratboy90

    Ankle support brace + tape?

    I just sprained my ankle really bad. ligaments torn and I'm out for 8 weeks. I'm starting to look for a brace for when I start playing basketballagain. My doctor told me to tape my ankle. Is it better if I tape and use a brace or just do one thing? As a brace I was looking at the adidas speed...
  11. ratboy90

    CNN World Sports girl Kate Giles appreciation

  12. ratboy90

    Assassin's Creed 2 Official Premiere Trailer at E3

    Just released. Venice, Italy! Watch the trailer in HD. � I can't wait!
  13. ratboy90

    NBA Europe Live

    October 6: Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls in London October 8: Utah Jazz vs. Real Madrid in Madrid Is anybody gonna be going to a game? I live in Germany and will be in London around the time of the London game. So I am definitely going to that game!
  14. ratboy90

    Casual sneaker search

    I'm on the lookout for a new pair of casual sneakers. I just got back into the sneaker game so don't expect me to know every model. I'm looking forsomething classic but still "sporty" (?). I thought about getting a pair of Air Max 90s but I'm still not sure what to do. So come on NT, I needsome...
  15. ratboy90

    Legit Check: eBayer kixpress / Air Max 90

    here's the link. anybody ever done business with him?|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A6|294%3A50
  16. ratboy90

    Dunking help

    I already posted this in General but they told me to post here. I'm 5'11" and I can almost dunk. I just need a little help. I already did AirAlert up to week 8 and then stopped to not mess up my knees. Before AA I couldn't touch the rim, now I can hang on it. I can't dunk though. My goal isto...
  17. ratboy90

    Dunking help

    I'm 5'11" and I can almost dunk. I just need a little help. I already did Air Alert up to week 8 and then stopped to not mess up my knees. BeforeAA I couldn't touch the rim, now I can hang on it. I can't dunk though. My goal is to actually be able to dunk 2-handed. What should I do now to...
  18. ratboy90

    New Balance MR 820 question

    I'm thinking about getting these as my new pair. Anybody know how they are comfort-wise and durability? If I get them I'm only going to wear to chillin. No running, balling whatever. And what do you guys think of this C/W
  19. ratboy90

    I need a Yao yawning gif

    For those who watched the Lakers and Rockets go at it yesterday anybody remember Yao yawning in the second half. Well I need that gif!
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