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  1. eplaya06

    How good are you at hoopin??? VOL.....MAD HANDLES

    Good enough that people are confused when I tell them I never played past high school...6'3, 205lbs, with a game similar to CJ McCollum
  2. eplaya06

    Official 2016 NBA Playoffs Thread: Conference Finals: Warriors / Thunder | Cavs / Raptors

    KD is just a chucker huh? Looks like he created on that last pick and roll pass to Adams....
  3. eplaya06

    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    I'll take the Clarks
  4. eplaya06


    Wanted to add another data point regarding the GMAT. My first timed practice test, I scored a 540 :x . But I'm pretty good at standardized tests, and had the mindset that I'd be able to raise my score if I just grinded. I went hard (took a Manhattan GMAT class, studied 3 hrs per weekday, 4-5...
  5. eplaya06

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    Ecook0808, pm'ing you as well. Need your contact info.
  6. eplaya06

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    Ecook, you think you can swing a Tao Beach deal for May 1st?
  7. eplaya06

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    Headed to Vegas May 1st-3rd with 7 other guys....staying at the Venetian. Ecook0808, any tips for how to navigate the weekend? Any info on deals you may be aware of on bottles/pool parties would be much appreciated as well. Main goal for the trip is to bag women, and have a good *** time...
  8. eplaya06


    Yup you'll be fine. Make sure you put in the work while studying so you can get it out of the way. I just got accepted to multiple top 10 mba programs, and one thing that helped me was being able to focus solely on my applications. I have a bunch of friends that had to study while doing their...
  9. eplaya06

    Can anyone here say they got rich off going to college?

    I'm assuming you're at Yale School of Management. CMBWHODI and Hank Scorpio, I recently took the GMAT(got a 730) and had some questions about careers in finance vs consulting. Y'all mind if I PM you guys to pick your brain?
  10. eplaya06

    Ask an Associate working in Private Equity on Wall Street anything

    How difficult would it be to transfer from management consulting (MBB) to private equity post-mba? I have some interest in IB after I get my MBA, but not sure if my relationship can handle those hours.
  11. eplaya06

    Curren$y the Hot $pittas best song?

    Airborne Aquarium
  12. eplaya06


    Female tendencies up
  13. eplaya06

    '12 Bulls

  14. eplaya06

    OFFICIAL 2012 MIAMI HEAT PLAYOFFS THREAD (FINALS! 4-1) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He needs to learn to drive and kick.  He forces it at the rim way too often.  This isn't Cleveland State.
  15. eplaya06

    let this thread die (NYK)

    Movement without proper spacing is pointless.  One reason the Knicks beasted w/out STAT is the fact that the lane opened up since he and Chandler werent clogging the paint.
  16. eplaya06

    I USED to SPEND $10,000 on Shoes, Now I travel the world INSTEAD

    Headed to London for the Olympics this summer. How are the women(I'm black if it matters)? Any things that I must see/do while out there?
  17. eplaya06

    is it Really Not OK to Not Know who Paul McCarteny Is???

    Campaign was for the Beatles, not Paul McCartney
  18. eplaya06

    Do you agree w. the NJ Govenor's decision to fly flags at half-mast in honor of Whitney Houston?

    They did the same for Mike in his hometown of Gary, Indiana.
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